Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

 What does ADA stand for?

Americans with Disability Act.

 What is an accommodation?

An Accommodation is a means, creative solution, equipment or idea that helps an employee meet the essential functions of his/her job.

 What are essential functions?

Essential functions are duties that are required for performing the job. These are listed on the Employee Work Profile (EWP).

 Where do I find my Employee Work Profile (EWP)?

If you are requesting an accommodation this would be provided to you by a Benefits Specialist with the forms required for the request.

 Do I have to request an accommodation if I have a disability?

No, many individuals function without an accommodation. This is a private matter and at the discretion of the employee.

 How do I know what I should ask for as an accommodation?

Work with your medical provider for input on what works best for your condition.

 How do I make a request for an accommodation?

You may start with your supervisor or with Human Resources.

 If my supervisor is already allowing my accommodation why do I need to complete this paperwork?

Accommodations need to be medically documented and approved through Human Resources.

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