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In the History Department at JMU we encourage our majors to seek practical experience applying their history skills outside the classroom. Combined with HIST 340/640 Internship course credit, internships give students practical experience in using historical skills in a wide variety of settings ranging from museums to archives and historical research firms. Browse “Resources” to find ideas of where you might want to apply for an internship. Look under “Forms” for links to procedures and contract info. For more information the History Internship Coordinator, Dr. Kevin Borg, at


How do I enroll in HIST 340 History Internship? HIST 340 is offered during fall, spring, and summer session. The semester you enroll will depend on the schedule of host agency/organization. Some of the more prestigious off-campus internships are competitive with application deadlines as early as February for the following summer session. Begin the process well in advance of the semester you wish to enroll. Once you have investigated opportunities and identified one or more internships that interest you, contact the Internship Coordinator who can then help you make arrangements for HIST 340 registration. HIST 340 has the prerequisites that you be junior or senior standing, that you complete HIST 300 prior to beginning your internship, and that you secure the permission from the Internship Coordinator, which you will do through the Student Application for Internship Credit.

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