Why JMU?

Whether it’s on a Civil War battlefield, inside a nineteenth-century farmhouse, or in a bustling downtown, the Shenandoah Valley offers rich opportunities for graduate students not just to learn about history, but also to experience it.  An easy drive from the nation’s capital, JMU gives students the chance to conduct research, hold internships, and establish careers in some of the most renowned archives, libraries, and museums in the world.  Our students enjoy small classes and close interactions with their professors, creating an encouraging environment that invites students to succeed in PhD programs; careers in education, public history, and government; or whatever path they take.

90 percent of students receive funding
1 to 1 thesis and research mentoring

“James Madison University’s Graduate History Program challenges M.A. candidates to expand their content knowledge, while developing their analytical thinking, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Students really thrive in Madison’s rigorous and highly selective program.  If you want training by well-qualified historians and a nuanced understanding of History, look no further than James Madison University.”

-Marvin Chiles, M.A. '16

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