Transfer Credits

Many students request to have credits transferred to JMU from another university.  If this is your situation please read this information from the registrar’s office.

Courses for History Credit: Transfers Students must turn in the following information to the history department BEFORE enrolling in history classes:

  1. The Permission to Take a Course for Transfer Credit form.
  2. A recent syllabus for that class. A course description is not sufficient.

You can forward both to Dr. Hu (, drop them off at the main history department office in Jackson 201, or have it faxed to the history department at 540.568.5808.  You should make it clear if you want the course to transfer in as a specific course or if elective credit is sufficient. You can designate this elective credit option as 000 on the form.  History majors should note that general elective credit does not fulfill upper level major requirements.

General Education Courses: If you are requesting general education course credit for a history course you must submit the  Permission to Take a Course for Transfer Credit form to the appropriate general education coordinator.  For more information:

Time Frame: The process to approve such courses might take up to two weeks.  The history department will let you know when your forms are available for pick up. It is your responsibility to take the form to the registrar's office. The department of history will not approve courses that do not match the rigor of JMU courses.  The form is structured for pre-approval to avoid situations where students take courses that do not match JMU standards. 

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HUM Courses as History Credit

There are a few ways to have Hum 252 courses apply towards the 200-level history requirement of our major. One is to fill out a course directive form and return it to the registrar’s office.  The other is to have the student’s advisor write in the information on the student’s graduation form.  The student or advisor will have to remember to do this, of course.  

If the department decides, we can also issue a blanket course directive each semester. This will need to include all approved Hum classes taught by faculty and will need the signatures of the AUH and of the CAL dean. 

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