Scholarship Overview

This Scholarship created by the gift of Gilbert Bland shall be for underrepresented students at James Madison University - including but not limited to first generation college students, students who would enhance the diversity of university's student body, students who merit scholarships on the basis of their academic or other (non-athletic) achievements and accomplishments. The key priorities to consider in the naming of students as Gilbert T. Bland/Burger King Scholars is identifying students whose talent s, skills and abilities enable them to enrich the James Madison University community and who will engage (or are engaged) in studies in Education or Hospitality/Tourism Management. 

Annual award amount

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria


Eligibility Requirements

  • Recipients shall be students majoring in Hospitality/Tourism Management.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to an imcoming freshman.
  • The scholarship may be renewed thereafter for a maximum of four years beyond the freshman year, provided the recipient maintains a cumulative grade point average of at least B+, using whatever grading method may be in use at the time at the university.

Special application requirements

This scholarship specifies a “need component”. To be eligible you MUST HAVE A CURRENT FAFSA on-file with the James Madison University Office of Financial Aid.

Award Announcement

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