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Art Exhibitions

MFA Thesis Exhibition at The Duke Gallery Hall Gallery of Fine Art 

Yulin Yuan
Opening April 4, 2024 --- Gallery Talk at 4pm, Followed by exhibition reception.

The exhibition runs until May 4.
Gallery Hours: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., Tuesday - Saturday

YY- Shennong Showcase 2024

Yulin Yuan
"K(now) W(here)" 
March 28- May 4, 2024

Music Recitals

3/2 | Saturday - MM Recital - Sarah Mason, conducting
Forbes Concert Hall, 2:00pm 

3/3 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Wei Mo, Piano
Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm

3/3 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Graves Smiley, horn
Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm                                                                     

4/5 | Friday - DMA Recital - Ziqi (Rose) Guo, voice 
Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm 

4/7 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Aphrodite Misopoulou, piano  
Forbes Recital Hall, 1:00pm 

4/7 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Sicheng He, piano 
Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm 

4/7 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Daniel Esperante, flute 
Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm

4/12 | Friday - MM Recital - Blessing Ogbor, voice
Forbes Recital Hall, 5:00pm

4/14 | Sunday - DMA Recital -  Caroline Petrick, piano
Forbes Recital Hall, 1:00pm 

4/14 | Sunday - DMA Recital -   John Meshreky, cello
Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm 

4/14 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Megan Zuhowski, voice
Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm 

4/20 | Saturday - MM Recital -  William Commins, trombone
Forbes Recital Hall, 3:00pm

4/21 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Steffi Tetzloff, trumpet
Anthony-Seeger Auditorium, 12:00pm


4/21 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Alyssa Conde, piano
Forbes Recital Hall, 1:00pm

4/21 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Wendy Chen, piano
Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm

4/27 | Saturday - MM Recital -  Andrew Ribo, euphonium
Forbes Recital Hall, 5:00pm 

4/27 | Saturday - MM Recital -  Joshua Lockhart, flute

Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm 

4/28 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Allison Lyttle, horn
Forbes Recital Hall, 1:00pm

4/28 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Rebecca Needham, flute
Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm

4/28 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Aleksandra Velgosha, piano  
Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm 

5/3 | Friday - MM Recital -  Ricky Goodwyn, voice

Forbes Recital Hall, 3:00pm 

5/5 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Shelby Shelton, percussion
Forbes Recital Hall, 1:00pm 

5/5 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Xinlu Ai, piano
Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm

5/10 | Friday - DMA Recital - Tanya Corcuero, voice  
Forbes Recital Hall, 1:00pm

5/10 | Friday - DMA Recital - Xiao Zhao, piano

Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm 

5/10 | Friday - DMA Recital - Josephine Suwanpoh, voice
Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm 

5/11 | Saturday - DMA Recital - Zike Qi, violin
Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm 

5/11 | Saturday - DMA Recital - Wei Mo, piano  
Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm 

5/12 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Esther Nyberg, piano
Forbes Recital Hall, 1:00pm 

5/12 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Gustavo Pedroza, piano
Forbes Recital Hall, 4:00pm 

5/12 | Sunday - DMA Recital - Anqi He, voice
Forbes Recital Hall, 7:00pm 

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations during the Graduate Showcase
on April 17, 2024 in The Hall of Presidents - 8:30 am-12:20 pm.

8:30 am - Huma Moez, Reduce seclusion and restraint through Trauma-Informed Care De-escalation techniques, Nursing, D.N.P.

8:45 am - Autumn Wild, Real or fake? Connecting student learning and grades, Assessment and Measurement, Ph.D.

9:00 am - Nicolas Mireles, Considerations and Recommendations for Rapid Guessing with Examinee Motivation Filtering in DCMs, Assessment and Measurement, Ph.D.

9:20 am - Mara McFadden, Exploring the Causal Effect of Test-Optional Policies on Enrollment Rates for Underrepresented Minority Students, Assessment and Measurement, Ph.D.

9:35 am - Mason Jones, Measuring Alumni Career Outcomes: A Validity Study, Psychological Sciences, M.A.

9:50 am - Folajimi KalejayeSave Our Future, Communication and Advocacy, M.A.

10:05 am - Jack MorrisOut of Print: Gay Periodicals and the Construction of Gay Community, 1969-1980, History, M.A.

10:30 am - Hannah Greer-Young, The JMU Lab Band Initiative, Music, M.M.

10:45 am - Anna Samuels, Cassie L. Ellis, and Miranda K. Reid, Exploring the Perceived Role Competence of Occupational Therapists in Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Across Different Clinical Settings, Occupational Therapy, M.O.T.

11:00 am - Sureyya Sanchez, The relationship among oral contraceptive use, sleep, and sexual behavior, Psychological Sciences, M.A.

11:20 am - Jeta Godanci, The use of the “international” public order institute as an evasion in international private law, Public Administration, M.P.A.

11:35 am - Joshua OrndorffLeadership Orientation and Burnout in National Sample of Religious Leaders, Strategic Leadership Studies, Ph.D.

11:50 am - Harmony Wilson, Intersectionality and Success: A Study of Black Women Teachers in Higher Education, Adult Education/Human Resource Development, M.S.Ed.

12:05 pm - Xavier Grier, "It's Not You It's Me": Understanding the Relationship between Students & Academic Advising, Adult Education/Human Resource Development, M.S.Ed.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations occur simultaneously during the Graduate Showcase
on April 17, 2024 - 2:00-3:30 pm

Abdullah Alghoniemy, Data Analysis and Applied Machine Learning Techniques for Smart Parking, Computer Science, M.S.

Emilia V. Arnao, Marigona Gashi, Kaitlin M. Gold, Kira S. Lambert, Doreen G. Philip, and Sinéad E. Sargeant,  Exploring Critical Theory, Environmental Advocacy, and Popular Culture by Crafting Multiauthored Humanities Scholarship: A First Draft, Communication and Advocacy, M.A.

Angellena Arquette-OvermanPerceived Barriers Within the Pre-PA Population, Physician Assistant Studies, M.P.A.S.

Oluwafemi Ayoola, The Impact of a minimally processed high fat meal on postprandial glucose, lipids and metabolic index in prediabetics, Kinesiology, M.S.

Summer Barden, Valerie Kramer, Virginia Cook, and Jeremiah Nugent, The Impact of Absenteeism Policy Interventions on Adult Drug Treatment Court Outcomes, Public Administration, M.P.A.

Zerrouk Bessa, Effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Policies among Employees and Volunteers, Strategic Leadership Studies, Ph.D.

Emily Blake, Interactive Elements to Boost Motivation in a Self-Paced Onboarding Program, Learning Design and Technology, M.Ed.

Maria Damewood, Amplifying the Voices of Students With Disabilities in Integrated Physical Education, Kinesiology, M.S.

Rebecca Doody, CFTR Modulator Therapy in the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis as Compared to Placebo, Physician Assistant Studies, M.P.A.S.

Jacob Dye and Aaron Horton, Is there a place for REBOA in penetrating chest trauma?, Physician Assistant Studies, M.P.A.S.

Husna Firdose, Examining the Interplay of Working Memory and Attention on Listening Effort, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Ph.D.

Gabrielle Gieringer, The effect of gut-directed hypnotherapy on alleviating symptoms of IBS in adults, Physician Assistant Studies, M.P.A.S.

Hannah Greer-Young, Centering the Student Experience: Sexual Misconduct in U.S. Band Programs, Music, M.M.

Olorunsayo Tolulope Ijeluola, Utilization of Exergames as Physical Activity to Reduce Cardiovascular Diseases Among Adolescent, Communication and Advocacy, M.A.

Miranda Janis, Does breaking up moderate intensity continuous exercise into accumulated bouts improve postprandial metabolic outcomes in older adults?, Kinesiology, M.S.

Kylie Moulin, Impact Of Mild Dehydration On Pulmonary Function During Exercise, Kinesiology, M.S.

Ashlee Parks, The Effects of Various Array Sizes on the Skill Acquisition of Auditory-Visual Conditional Discriminations, Special Education, M.Ed.

Christina Secrist, Shaping Tomorrow's Ethical Leaders, Adult Education/Human Resource Development, M.S.Ed.

Kate Stutz and Megan Howard, Post Chondral Defect Reconstruction and Knee Functionality: How do ACI and Mosaicplasty Compare?​, Physician Assistant Studies, M.P.A.S.

Barnabas Suva, The Role of Collective Board Members’ Social Capital on the Financial Performance of Non-Profit Organization, Strategic Leadership Studies, Ph.D.

Brenda Tolentino, Zack Jeppson, and Emily Gajdek, The Efficacy of ASIST Training for Students in Allied Health and Related Fields, Occupational Therapy, M.O.T.

Maite Velazquez Hernandez and Kaela Fiutak, Semaglutide Injection for Weight Reduction in Non-Diabetic Adults with Overweight and Obesity, Physician Assistant Studies, M.P.A.S.

Yu Wang, Leadership framing legitimacy for the sustainable social impact of nonprofit startups, Strategic Leadership Studies, Ph.D.

Hannah Young, A Case Study on the Effects of Pregnancy on Expiratory Flow Limitation and Operating Lung Volumes During Exercise, Kinesiology, M.S.

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