Research and creative activity is an essential component of the educational experience of graduate students, often taking the form of a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation. Graduate education provides students with the opportunity to create and implement projects of their own design. These projects are intentionally growth experiences. We need to encourage students to solve problems in new and creative ways. We need to help them implement their dreams. There are often costs associated with implementing creative projects. You can reduce the financial barriers for our students, broadening the range of projects that can be completed by students. Help our students implement their great ideas, by funding projects that require supplies, equipment, travel, and/or other essential expenses.

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Meet Tyler Kovacs
Picture of Tyler Kovacs

Graduate Biology student, Tyler Kovacs, was awarded a Global Opportunity Scholarship to support his thesis research studying the reptile and amphibian communities in an area desperately in need of conservation. His work investigating the ecosystem and wildlife of the Azuero Peninsula in Panama will promote restoration efforts that are just in the initial stages in that area. Tyler’s experiences working in the devastated forest of Panama will expand his professional network and enhance his credibility as a biologist.

Meet Daniel Dawson

Historical research on religion in slave communities in colonial-era Colombia is taking Daniel Dawson, a graduate History student, to Spain, and the Global Opportunity Scholarship is helping him get there. Traveling to Spain to examine archival documents, Daniel’s thesis research connects slavery, religion, and resistance by analyzing the actions of slaves brought to trial before the Inquisition. As Daniel prepares for a career as a professor, this opportunity to conduct on-site research will prove invaluable while also adding an important but missing piece to the historical narrative. 

Meet Katherine Skiff

Katherine Skiff, a Doctor of Nursing Practice student, applied for the Global Opportunity Scholarship to enhance her knowledge and experience with international medicine by studying abroad. Without the financial support provided by the scholarship, Skiff would have missed the life-changing opportunity to impact children in rural areas of Tanzania. As a combination of both research and practice, the study abroad trip fulfills Skiff’s desire to build bridges in healthcare with underserved populations in Africa.

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