Graduate education is all about professional development. Gifts to this fund will remove the financial obstacles to pursuing scholarly and international engagement opportunities for graduate students.

Scholarly Engagement: To fully benefit from the process of completing original research and creative activity, graduate students must present their work at professional meetings. Presenting your own work at a conference is often the most memorable and career-changing experience of a graduate student's experience. During these meetings students receive recognition and feedback from top experts in their chosen field of study. The meetings also provide students with opportunities to network with individuals who will help them find post-graduation experiences that will launch their careers.

International Engagement: It is essential that graduate students develop a global perspective within their chosen field of study. To be globally enlightened, it is not enough to learn about the world from written materials and through professors. A heart-felt global perspective can only be achieved by studying abroad. Your contributions will help individual students experience the world.

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Meet Caitlyn Read

Caitlyn Read, a student in the Executive Leadership MBA program, received a Global Opportunity Scholarship award to help fund her trip to Denmark and Estonia for a 10-day study in leading through change. Caitlyn and her cohort will learn more about Estonia’s remarkable comeback and Denmark’s innovative work-life practices that earn it high happiness ratings. These and other lessons from an international perspective will be a valuable source of information and inspiration as Caitlyn seeks to apply her experiences in her career and community.

Meet Emily Kohl

As part of her capstone internship, the Global Opportunity Scholarship will enable Emily Kohl, a student in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication program to accompany a professor to Croatia to gather new audio, video, and photographic content for a digital storytelling project. The trip will enrich Kohl’s expertise in her specialty, multimodal composition, by giving her firsthand experience collecting the digital content needed to bring the story to life.

Meet Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson, a graduate student in the Family Nurse Practitioner program, received a Global Opportunity Scholarship award to support a study abroad trip to Tanzania with a focus on international health. Wilson’s passion for providing medical care to underserved people groups in the global community inspired her to pursue this study abroad opportunity and the funding that would make it possible. Her trip to Tanzania will afford her valuable experience working with international health professionals and give her firsthand knowledge of the needs and challenges of providing healthcare in developing areas. 

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