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Global Partnerships

Aligned with JMU’s vision “to be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and with the world,” the Center for Global Engagement facilitates global engagement through teaching, learning, research, and professional development opportunities for JMU faculty, students, and staff. Many global learning activities manifest through partnerships with institutions around the world, requiring time to develop sustained commitment to identify mutual interest for collaboration, and adequate resources to support mutually beneficial global partnerships.

We welcome representatives of international institutions who seek to initiate collaborations with James Madison University to email CGE’s Global Learning and Partnerships team at

Request International Partnership Consultation

JMU faculty and administrators interested in developing new global partnerships such as programs, exchanges and/or MOUs with international colleges or universities, or exploring opportunities with existing partner institutions, may reach out to

Tip: When inquiring about a potential Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with an international college or university, be prepared to discuss questions with CGE such as:

  • How was this connection made (i.e., international trip, conference, a specific project, etc.), and how long ago? Are the original points of contact still at their respective universities?
  • What are the potential benefits for the JMU community (students, faculty, teaching, research, etc.)? Is there one specific area of a partnership interest, or multiple?
  • Which JMU colleges, departments, and faculty are already part of this conversation, and is your leadership supportive of further engagement?
Global Engagement Reporting Tool

JMU faculty, staff and administrators are encouraged to use the Global Engagement Reporting Tool (GERT) form to inform the Center for Global Engagement about global engagement activities you have conducted within the past year. 

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