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International Conferences

The INU offers two prominent, annual global conferences for students at which instructional faculty from member institutions are invited to lead a session and attend the conference along with the students selected to represent their university. CGE hosts competitive processes within JMU for students and faculty to apply to represent the University and participate in these conference opportunities.

International Student Conference in Indonesia

Organized annually in Indonesia by Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Parahyangan Catholic University, "UNPAR"), a JMU partner institution and member of the INU, the International Student Conference brings together students from around the world for a global cross-cultural experience.

The next conference is January 2-7, 2023 in Indonesia with the theme: Inclusivity and Accessibility to Welfare and Sustainable Living After the Pandemic. JMU has selected an instructional faculty to present a session and attend. Future opportunities to apply for the 2024 conference will be posted by the CGE in early fall 2023.

International Student Seminar in Japan

The INU Student Seminar is an annual global student immersion program offered at Hiroshima University in Japan. The seminar is structured around the August 6 commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The 2022 seminar was held August 3-12 with the theme "The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Concerns." As an INU member, JMU sent two students and one faculty member to participate in the conference. In spring 2023 we will announce the next seminar theme, dates (early August), and application processes for JMU students and faculty.

Seed Money Fund

The INU Seed Money Fund addresses the need for faculty/ professional services staff from INU member institutions to start a project of significance that will benefit the Network.  This open seed-funding call seeks creative ideas that support internationalization and global engagement within the INU and is open for any member of staff at an INU member institution to apply. Two rounds of funding are available: for new and expanding projects at two $3,000 awards for each.

Researcher Mobility Program

The INU Researcher Mobility Program allows PhD students (or equivalent) and active researchers within the INU network to engage in research at another INU member university.  The purpose of this program is to develop joint research initiatives between INU member universities and to share expertise between research centers.  

If interested in learning more and receiving consultation about this opportunity, reach out to glp@jmu.edu.

Staff Knowledge Exchange

The INU Staff Knowledge Exchange Program aims to strengthen the links among member institutions by providing opportunities for administrative staff to visit, study, discuss, and benchmark administration and governance systems across the Network. Through these visits, both the sending and the hosting universities benefit from sharing best practices. 

If interested in the program, reach out to glp@jmu.edu, to go through the consultation, application, and selection process.


For more information and consultation about how to best meet your interests through INU global opportunities for faculty and staff, please contact glp@jmu.edu.

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