Global Virtual Exchange (GVE) is a research-supported practice that is technology-enabled, facilitated, people-to-people learning sustained over a period of time (Helm, et al. 2020).  Through constructive dialogue and collaborative projects between groups from different backgrounds, participants gain intercultural skills, global awareness, and frameworks for approaching entangled global problems. GVE combines the deep impact of intercultural dialogue and exchange with the broad reach of digital technology.

GVE addresses the pressing need for deep interpersonal connections around topics of emotional well-being in uncertain times.  With the support of grant from Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP), and in collaboration with Elon, Kansai University, and Crossing Borders Education (CBE), CGE and partners developed methodology to address a number of key challenges of online interactions by supporting students to overcome isolation and address fears by connecting deeply across differences.


Email Global Learning & Partnerships at glp@jmu.edu.

Students: Inquire about specific courses that incorporate GVE and upcoming GVE sessions open to all students.

Faculty: Inquire about how to participate in GVE, incorporating GVE into courses, and opportunities for faculty professional development and training in GVE.

Student testimonials

“We shared many thoughts and many insights about this situation (COVID-19) which is very helpful to me because I feel so lonely these days.” – Hiroshima University student, participant in Fall 2020 GVE

“It's really enlightening to make such empathic and strong connections with people you just met over the screen. It just shows how powerful human relationships are and how they can surpass any boundaries.” – JMU student, participant in Summer 2020 GVE

“This was the most interactive activity I’ve had at university. I liked that it was centered on feelings and not knowledge only” – Student from Romania, participant in Fall 2020 GVE

“I’ve met wonderful persons, young and restless, confident in the future. We found so many common things between us.” – Student from Bosnia, participant in Fall 2020 GVE

“I have opened myself to listen and understand others of all groups, and continue to do so now more than ever.” – JMU student, participant in Summer 2020 GVE

I found interesting the fact that every single person in my group knew about America’s politics despite them being from another country. I could even go as far to say that they knew more about America’s politics then the average American, whereas I or some of my classmates barely knew anything about Romanian politics.”  – JMU student, participant in Fall 2020 GVE

“It is very different to know the experience of the person from a country than what I may learn in a class lecture or from media.  This [global virtual exchange] brings different understanding.” – student from Argentina, participant in Summer 2020 GVE

“I got to learn about how Japan is handling COVID especially with their education systems, and I got some insight about how they spent their quarantine. Now, I've become even more interested in Japan.  I even looked at opportunities to study abroad in Japan after the session.” – JMU student, participant in Fall 2020 GVE

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