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Medical Lab Sciences Info Session

Have you ever considered a career in the Medical Lab Sciences (MLS) - formally known as "Med Tech" or "Hospital Lab Tech"?  If you are interested in the medical sciences, especially the laboratory techniques used to make a diagnosis, and you have a strong background in cell biology and chemistry, then perhaps this is a career path worth exploring. Many students who have initial aspirations for med school who later decide it’s not for them find this career a very rewarding choice. This area of medicine is rapidly expanding and many JMU grads have found jobs in this lucrative field immediately after graduation from these 1 year post graduate training programs.

There will be an online information meeting for those interested in MLS on Monday Oct 26 from 3:45-5:00pm. The directors of the MLS programs at Augusta Health in Fishersville, Carillion Clinic in Roanoke, VA Commonwealth University in Richmond and Rockingham Memorial Hospital's program here in H'burg will be present to answer any questions and review the career details.  It's a very informal Q and A so feel free to come by for a few minutes and explore this great career opportunity.  Please feel free to contact Dr Justin Brown in the biology department for further details.

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