This year all science seminars at the Department of Physics and Astronomy will be online this semester at 2:45pm-4:00pm on Thursdays using WebEx.

Please ontact H. Butner ( if you are interested in getting the WebEx link to the seminar.

Date: 10/01/20

  • Speaker: Gabriela Ilie
  • Affiliation: Mirion Technologies
  • Title: Applications of Nuclear Measurements in Industry and Education
  • Host: Adriana Banu

Date: 10/08/20

  • Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Liedtke
  • Affiliation: Duke University
  • Title: TRPV4 ion channels in sensory transduction and their use as actuators to remote-control neural function
  • Host: Giovanna Scarel

Date: 11/12/20

  • Speaker: Carina Curto
  • Affiliation: Penn State
  • Title: TBA
  • Host: Ilarion Melnikov

Date: 12/10/20

  • Speaker: Dr. Stephen Abbott
  • Affiliation: University of Virginia
  • Title: Neural homeostatic Mechanisms activated by hemorrhage: new insights using optogenetics
  • Host: Giovanna Scarel


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