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Our Mathematics and Statistics faculty and students put countless hours into developing and hosting well-attended and highly-rated conferences that draw K-12 students, teachers, undergraduates, and faculty from throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.

Mathematics and Statistics faculty are the coordinators and hosts of the madiSTEM conference designed for girls. madiSTEM is a collaborative effort across CSM departments, and provides representation for a wide array of STEM disciplines. The workshop provides rich engagement opportunities for over 100 JMU students each year.

Other Examples
  • Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (SUMS) conference. This is an annual undergraduate research conference featuring talks and posters by undergraduate researchers and invited addresses by noted mathematicians and/or statisticians. In 2019, 272 people from 38 different institutions attended the conference.
  • Developing and teaching hands-on, mathematics and statistics lessons for over 10 different schools each year at STEM days, Family STEM nights, and Family Math Nights.
  • Developing and hosting entertaining programs for the general community that promote the importance of quantitative literacy in our every-day-lives in and in understanding and addressing broader societal issues.

Get Involved!

Students and faculty interested in giving back and making a difference through outreach can learn about the many opportunities and how to get started though the JMU STEM Center.

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