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Preparing the next generation of great middle, secondary, and mathematics teachers!

The MSME Department offers programs in midde, secondary, and mathematics education. The Middle and Secondary Education program offers undergraduate AND graduate level pathways to initial licensure in grades 6-8 (middle grades) or grades 6-12 (secondary). Students may choose a 4-year degree (middle grades and secondary), a 5-year MAT degree (secondary only), or a post-baccalaureate MAT degree (secondary only).

The MSME department also offers two Master of Education (M.Ed.) degrees, one to prepare K-8 mathematics specialists and a second graduate program (M.Ed.) in Mathematics for secondary education teachers, offered in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics inthe College of Science and Mathematics at James Madison University.

MSME Mission

To prepare teachers who can positively impact students, their environment, and society

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