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MSME Advising Help during COVID-19

We know you may have a lot of questions about all the changes happening on campus and with classes, and we're here to help. Schedule an appointment with Reilly Belton, our College of Education Academic Advisor to talk through and get more information on academic opportunities and options like credit/no credit. Visit the JMU COVID-19 FAQ page for updated information on campus policies.

Unleash your middle or high school teaching career!

Our graduates have what it takes to be successful in the classroom. With over 200 hours of field experiences before student teaching, you will have ample opportunities to take the knowledge and skills you learn in our courses and apply them to diverse school settings.

Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, JMU students hone their teaching skills in rural and urban settings. With over 53 languages spoken and students from 49 countries in the Harrisonburg City Public Schools, JMU pre-service teachers experience a wide diversity of students in their placements, enriching their teaching experience.

Grow your passion for education with us. Discover which of our programs is right for you.


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Become a Middle School teacher.

Become a High School teacher. 

Customize your academic career
with an add-on endorsement or minor.


Expand your knowledge
with a Master of Education.


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Have questions? Email Middle and Secondary Education to learn more about what our programs can offer you.

Awards & Scholarships

Don't miss out on an opportunity to fund your education! Explore offered awards, scholarships, and assistantships.

Important Dates


  • 24 - Withdraw from or change course credit option for 1st Block courses
  • 26 - Withdraw from University Deadline


  • 1 - JMU begins accepting applications for undergraduate Spring/Summer 2021 graduation
  • 2-4th - Family Weekend
  • 13 - 1st Block courses end/final exam
  • 15 - First Day of 2nd Block courses; Student Teaching Applications due to the Education Support Center; Graduate Spring/Summer 2021 graduation applications due
  • 22-23 - Fall Break
  • 26 - Add/Drop Deadline for 2nd Block courses
  • 28 - Withdraw from or change course credit option for Semester courses


  • 3 - Add with Departmental Permission Deadline for 2nd Block courses
  • 6-8 - Homecoming Weekend
  • 6-13 - Spring 2021 Enrollment Week
  • 16 - MSME beings review of graduation applications
  • 17 - Withdraw from or change course credit option for 2nd Block courses
  • 23-27 - Thanksgiving Break
  • 30 - Work for Spring/Summer 2020 "Incomplete" courses due to instructor


  • 11 - Semester and 2nd Block courses end
  • 12-18 - Semester and 2nd Block courses final exams
  • 19 - Graduation

See the JMU Academic Calendar for more deadlines.

Advising & Resources

Explore COE advising and resources to help you become the teacher you want to be.

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