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Programs within the Learning, Technology & Leadership Education Department prepare students to work with learners across the lifespan. Our programs enable students to develop education programs for adults in the workplace; use digital media and technologies to design learning interventions; develop leadership skills to lead teams, departments, organizations, schools, and communities; and develop advanced Spanish language, culture, and pedagogical skills. We offer 2 undergraduate programs, which complement virtually any undergraduate major, and 5 Graduate programs, which prepare graduates for leadership positions in their chosen fields.

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate Human Resource Development minor enables students to design and develop performance improvement programs for adult learners in business, industry, government, and other public and private sector organizations.

The undergraduate Educational Media Minor enables students to use digital media and different technologies to design and develop a variety of educational interventions in education, business, and non-profit settings.

Graduate Programs

The M.S. Ed. in Adult Education/Human Resource Development enables graduates to master skills in the design and development of educational interventions for adults who work in business, industry, government, and non-profit settings.

The M.Ed. and Certificate programs in Educational Leadership prepare students to assume leadership positions in schools and school districts. The programs, which is nationally recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituent Consortium (ELCC), prepares graduates to take and pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment.

The M.Ed. and Certificate programs in Educational Technology prepare program graduates to use a variety of digital media and technologies to design innovative learning programs for adults who work in a variety of employment settings.

The M.Ed. in Spanish Language and Culture enables students in the program to enhance their knowledge of Spanish language and culture, while offering in-depth study of advanced pedagogical practices in teaching, best practices in curriculum development, and current research in the field of teaching and learning.

The M.Ed. and Certificate programs in Teacher Leadership are designed to provide teachers and other school division professionals with opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills in application of leadership within the classroom, school, community, and beyond.

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