The Executive Leadership concentration is offered in Northern Virginia and takes 28 months to complete. A cohort of students takes fourteen 8-week courses, one course at a time, for a total of 42 credit hours. Each course meets face-to-face for four hours at the beginning, four hours at mid-term and four hours at the end of the session on a Saturday. Instruction between face-to-face sessions is online, using synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods.

For additional course descriptions, please see the Executive Leadership MBA Concentration catalog.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Spring Semester

Block 1

MBA 616 – Financial Statement Analysis

MBA 614 – Global Business Leadership

Block 2

MBA 613 – Found. Of Marketing

MBA 695^- Cultural Awareness Experience

Summer Semester

Block 1

MBA 615 – Supply Chain Management & Logistics

MBA 621 – Leadership Through Big Data Analytics

Block 2

MBA 617 – Corporate Financial Decision Making

MBA 622 – Managing Risks in Global Environments

Fall Semester

Block 1

MBA 608 – Organizational Behavior

MBA 653 – Business Law

MBA 618 – Information Systems Strategy


Block 2

MBA 609 - Leadership Accelerator

MBA 606 – Managing Innovation

MBA 691* – Strategic Organizational Leadership

^MBA 695 is the course component of the international residency. The international residency  is recommended, but not required. Students opting out of the international residency will have the option of taking MBA 654 or MBA 610. 

*MBA 691, Strategic Organizational Development, is considered the capstone course in the Executive Leadership M.B.A. Program and replaces the comprehensive examination requirement. A grade of “B” or better must be earned to pass the course, and graduate from the program.

For more information, please see The Graduate Catalog.    

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