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The JMU College of Business maintains a Internantional Academic Program agreement with (ISC)² to provide Official (ISC)² CISSP CBK Training as part of the Information Security MBA program! This is a unique partnership with (ISC)² to incorporate official training as part of a graduate program’s overall plan of study, and prepare students for the CISSP Boot Camp and exam. The benefits for JMU Information Security MBA students are:

  • Experience requirements for the CISSP® from (ISC)2® - as part of the entry requirements into the JMU Information Security MBA program, students must exhibit at least 2 years of professional work experience. CISSP® candidates are required to have 5 years of professional work experience in two or more of the ten domains of the (ISC)2 CISSP CBK®.  One (1) year of work experience can be waived by obtaining the JMU Information Security MBA degree.  While in the Information Security MBA program, students who continue working in their professional careers, and taking courses over a 2 + year period can easily meet the experience requirements.
  • Official endorsement for the CISSP comes from a certified professor! Upon successfully graduating with the Information Security MBA, one of the program’s CISSP-certified faculty will be happy to endorse you!
  • Exam voucher and student kit included with tuition! The cost of the training, student kit and exam voucher (which includes the Official (ISC)² CISSP) is equivalent to the tuition cost of one graduate MBA course, which is a savings over most other stand-alone CISSP boot-camps and prep-courses!
  • Having the MBA CISSP credential appended to your name is a huge resume-booster! – The CISSP is a globally recognized management-focused information security certification which requires proper business acumen to make critical executive decisions related to IT. These jobs are focused, high-demand, high-paying positions that need both the business and technical skills that the MBA and the CISSP provide!
  • Credibility and flexibility! – Having Official (ISC)² CISSP CBK training from one of the best AACSB-accredited JMU MBA program offers credibility over most non-profit academic and for-profit unaccredited institutions! 
  • Official (ISC)² CISSP CBK Training is provided by a certified instructor! Unlike some CISSP boot-camp or prep-course offerings on the open-market, the required contact-hours of Official (ISC)² CISSP CBK training is taught by a JMU professor who is a certified (ISC)² CISSP Instructor. The Official (ISC)² CISSP CBK Training Seminar for the CISSP is currently offered as an additional capstone course after students complete their MBA. This course is also open to other JMU graduate students or returning professionals as well!  NOTE: This course is also open to other JMU graduate students or returning professionals as well.

To read more about (ISC)², please visit the (ISC)² blog.

To learn more about the CISSP (ISC)² Review Course, contact: or call 540-568-7031.

If you are interested in getting your MBA in Information Security at JMU, visit the Information Security MBA Admissions page.


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