Accounting is known as the “language of business,” and fluent practitioners that help ensure financial success for their organizations are in high demand.

When you enroll in the JMU School of Accounting, you'll be part of a school that enjoys a national reputation for excellence in accounting education and is viewed as a prime recruiting source by accounting employers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. You'll receive an education designed to prepare you for a variety of careers in the fields of accounting, finance, auditing, consulting and information systems.

Two Degree Programs

The School of Accounting offers both a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree and a Master of Science in Accounting (M.S.A.) degree. The 120 credit-hour undergraduate degree consists of the four-year major in accounting, leading to the B.B.A. degree. During your junior year, you can choose to meet with your adviser to discuss enrolling in the graduate program, which leads seamlessly to the award of the B.B.A. degree after four years, followed by the M.S.A. degree at the end of five years and 150 hours of study.

Mary Margaret Prange - Accounting - 2001

"The JMU accounting candidates that have interacted with Calibre CPA Group partners and managers stand out because of their enthusiastic perspective on their future. Every JMU graduate that has joined our firm is quick to assimilate from college life to work life and, from day one, exhibits a natural ability to comfortably communicate with clients. They exude professionalism, but remain approachable while beginning to foster their own relationships with clients."

Mary Margaret Prang ('01)
Partner, Calibre CPA Group, PLLC

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AACSB Logo -Accounting ranked JMU’s accounting program No. 9 in its 2020 rankings for the best accounting schools in the country.

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