Spatial Information Clearinghouse - Data Topics

There are many types of spatial data. Each type offers a specific benefit to the GIS user, but has specific requirements that must be met to achieve a quality result. Once a GIS user determines what they want to get OUT of the system, the determination of what needs to be put IN to the system can begin.

Geographic Information Systems
- About GIS
- Components of a GIS
- Functions of a GIS
- GIS Toolkit
- GIS Consultants and Data Providers
- GIS Software Vendors

Remote Sensing
- About Remote Sensing
- The Electromagnetic Spectrum
- Imaging Systems
- Image Formation Techniques
- Image Formation Techniques (Cont'd)
- Aerial Photography Interactive Self-Test
- Resolution
- Interpreting Imagery
- Processing Imagery
- Imagery in Demining
- Imagery Sources
- More Information

Data Standards
- About Data Standards
- Coordinate Systems
- Projection
- Datum
- Ellipsoid
- Scale
- Metadata
- Recommendations
- OpenGIS Consortium

Global Positioning System
- About GPS
- GPS Planning
- Obtaining GPS Data
- Processing GPS Data
- GPS In Humanitarian Demining
- GPS Products
- GPS Satellite Systems
- Future of GPS

- About Copyright
- Copyright Law
- License Agreements