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JUST - International Movement for a Just World

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Mission Statement:
Objectives: a) To develop public awareness about the iniquities and injustices in the existing global system. b) To create a better understanding, at the popular level, of how control and domination of the global system by a privileged minority challenges human dignity and social justice in both the First World and the Third World, in both the North and the South. c) To nurture a deeper appreciation among people everywhere of the urgent need for alternative institutions and arrangements at the global level which are more conducive to the emergence of a just world. d) To raise global consciousness on the crucial importance of fostering attitudes, values and ideals at both the personal and community level which will help attain and sustain a just world. e) To inculcate within the human family as a whole a profound commitment to a universal spiritual and moral vision of life and living rooted in the oneness of God which will serve to guide humankind in its quest for a just world.

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Full Mailing Address:
JKR 1258 Jalan Telok, Off Jalan Gasing,
P.O Box 288
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan


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+6 03 7781 2494

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+6 03 7781 3245

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  • Survivor and Victim Assistance

    Country(ies) of Operation

  • Malaysia

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