Organization Name:
Instituto Nacional De Desminagem

Organization Type:

Mission Statement:
The National Demining Institute (IND),is a public institution, governed by Statutes, endowed with corporate body and technical , administrative and financial autonomies.

The National Demining Institute is under the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation,

is based in Maputo. IND shall be responsible for proposing for approval of the Government, policies, strategies, priorities and plans for demining, as well as the Management, coordination and global control of the mine action within Mozambique.

Contact Information

Full Mailing Address:
Instituto Nacional De Desminagem
Rua da Resistncia 1746, Bloco B, 7¼ andar
Maputo - Moambique


Phone Number:
(+258) 1-41-8579

Fax Number:
(+258) 1-41-8578

Email Address:

    Activity Detail(s)

  • Survivor and Victim Assistance
  • Mine Risk Education
  • Survey
  • Other
  • Clearance and Detection
  • GIS and Mapping
  • Training
  • Program Management and Coordination
  • Information Management
  • Awareness
  • Quality Assurance
  • Demining Equipment

    Country(ies) of Operation

  • Mozambique

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