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Demining / UXO






Tel:  Home +44 (0) 1752 511133   Mobile: +44 (0) 7771 658682



DATE OF BIRTH:14th March 1959



DRIVING LICENCE:HGV 1, m/c & TracksMOBILITY:Unrestricted


PASSPORTS:099275329 Exp 29 MAR 21

:504640253 Exp 26 SEP 22


An experienced and competent EOD & Demining Project Manager who has a sound knowledge of UXO, Mines and Sub-munitions with over 25 years experience in the Humanitarian & Commercial Demining / UXO industry.

Cheerful and calm under pressure and forms professional team relationships with people from all levels.  Proven experience in the senior management of mine clearance operations with strong emphasis on Quality Management.  Strong conceptual understanding of technical survey, risk management and land release methodologies.

Thorough knowledge of IMAS / National Standards demining SOPs, technical and safety procedures including use of manual mine clearance, mine detection dogs and mechanical equipment.

Have strong Microsoft Office Suite skills, ArcGIS and reporting techniques.

QUALIFICATIONS (civil and military)

2013First Aid & CPR

201324 Hour HAZWOPER

2010NATO Secret Security Clearance valid until Nov 2015

2010Quality Auditor

20108 Hour HAZWOPER

2010First Aid & CPR: valid until August 2012

2005L3 IMAS EOD Kandahar, Afghanistan

2005L2 IMAS EOD Kandahar, Afghanistan

2001First Aid at Work exp 8/04

1995Computer (basic), Zagreb, Croatia

1992Bodyguard Associates Diploma in Basic Bodyguard Skills: -

Risk Management and IED Awareness; Surveillance and Counter Surveillance; Vehicle Escort and Driver Skills; Open and Close Protection.

1992Bodyguard associates Diploma in Arrest and Restraint: -Falls, Strikes, Punches, Kicks, Blocks, Grabs, Restraints, Multiple Attacks, Defence against Weapons, Kubotan Techniques.

1987First Aid Course, Devon Ambulance Service

1987Trained Fire Fighter - Devon Fire & Rescue Service

1986RSA Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage Operations

1986HGV Class 1 (LGV).

1983HGV Class 111.

1982Compressed Air Diving Course, 'Diving Operations at Work' Regulations 81

1980B1 Combat Engineer and Combat Signaller

1978All Arms Search, Sennelager

1977City & Guilds Plant Operator/Mechanic A2


Since leaving Devon Fire and Rescue Service in Jul 91, I have, in the main been employed as an EOD Operator / Technical Advisor / Project Manager.

Tasking has involved mine clearance, battle area clearance, making safe, land service ammunition, land service ordnance, guided weapons, Air dropped weapons and sub-munitions.


1970 - 1975King Edward VII Grammar School, Coalville, Leicester

CSEs: English Language, Mathematics, Engineering Science, Metalwork, History and Geography.

Distinctions:East Midlands Schoolboy Weightlifting Champion.

Represented the school in Rugby and cross-country.


Consists of eleven years in HM Forces (Royal, Engineers), where duties mainly comprised of engineering operations, specialising in mine warfare, demolitions, specialist driving duties, diving operations and combat exercises.  Over 25-years experience in civilian employment as LGV Driver, Devon Fire & Rescue service and latterly self-employed as an EOD Supervisor\Technical Advisor with tours of duty in Kuwait, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Kosovo, Angola, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya, Mozambique, Kurdistan and Iraq. Working on behalf of the respective governments, NGOs and Commercial Companies to clear ERW and Minefields.


Jun 16  CurrentSemi-retirement but available for short term contracts and / or leave cover.

Mar 15  Jun 16UXO / Land Remediation Coordinator, ExxonMobil Iraq Limited (EMIL)

West Qurna, Basra, Iraq

Coordinating the Survey, Clearance and Quality Assurance on behalf of ExxonMobil.

Oct 13  Mar 15UXO Coordinator, Fluor

West Qurna, Basra, Iraq

Coordinating the Survey, Clearance and Quality Assurance on behalf of ExxonMobil.

Jun 11  Sep 13Operations Manager/Project Manager, EODT

Iraq  Countrywide inc. Kurdistan

Duties include the management and planning of all operations countrywide, liaison with major oil and gas client representatives & bringing in the task on schedule and within the budget.

Major clients included; ENI, KEC, Gazprom, Exxon & Gulf Keystone

Jul 10  May 11Technical Field Manager, EODT

Afghanistan – Countrywide

Apr 10  Jul 10SUXOS, UXB

Bagram AF, Afghanistan

Sep 09  Jan 10Project Manager RONCO

Commercial contracts throughout Afghanista

Duties included the carrying out Quality Assurance Audits of Demining Teams throughout the Country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Nov 08  Aug 09Project Manager RONCO

Shell/BGP Seismic crew


Apr 08  Nov 08Project Manager RONCO

Commercial contracts throughout Afghanistan

Duties included the carrying out Quality Assurance Audits of Demining Teams throughout the Country.

Jan 08  April 08Task Leader

RONCO Consulting Corporation


Southern Sudan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Jul 06  Dec 07RONCO Consulting Corporation

Project Manager

Commercial contracts in Afghanistan

Oct 05  Jun 06RONCO Consulting Corporation

Technical Advisor for EOD, Manual, Mechanical & MDD Clearance in Sudan

Aug 05  Oct 05RONCO Consulting Corporation

Technical Advisor (Commercial) for EOD, Manual, Mechanical & MDD Clearance in Afghanistan

Jan 05  Aug 05RONCO Consulting Corporation

Technical Advisor for EOD, Manual, Mechanical & MDD Clearance in Kandahar, Afghanistan

May 03  Dec 04RONCO Consulting Corporation

Technical Advisor for EOD, Manual, Mechanical & MDD Clearance at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

Jan 02  May 03RONCO Consulting Corporation

Technical Advisor for EOD, Manual, Mechanical & MDD Clearance in Mozambique

Dec 00  Jan 02MAG (Mines Advisory Group) Lebanon

Technical Advisor for EOD/Minefield clearance

Jan 00 - Nov 00MAG (Mines Advisory Group) Kosovo

Technical Advisor for EOD & Minefields (Manual/Mechanical Clearance)

Aug 99 - Dec 99MAG (Mines Advisory Group) Angola

Technical Advisor for EOD, Minefields and BAC

Jul 99 - Aug 99MAG (Mines Advisory Group) Kosovo

Technical Advisor for EOD & Minefields

Apr 99 - Jul 99Employed in the Construction Industry

Mar 99 - Apr 99Exploration Logistics (Sudan)

EOD & Mine Clearance for IPC Petroleum

Safety & QA audits of Manual Demining Teams

Nov 98 - Feb 99Self- employed in the Construction Industry

Aug 98 - Nov 98Exploration Logistics (Egypt)

EOD & Mine Clearance Supervisor for Repsol Exploracion,

QA audit of local mine clearance teams, namely Sapesco & Riza

El Alamein

Nov 95 - Jul 98Exploration Logistics (Kuwait)

EOD clearance supervisor for Geco-Prakla (Seismic)

Clearance of both source and receiver lanes prior to the laying of geophones and the use of the vibrators.

May 95 - Nov 95ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross)

LGV Driver /Relief administrator Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia

Sep 94 - Apr 95Self employed in the Construction Industry

Jul 94 - Aug 94Exploration Logistics (Yemen)

Ordnance Clearance Advisor to Canadian and French oil companies following the war between the North and South Yemen armies.  Responsible for minefield clearance, high voltage cable and sub-station clearance and house clearance.

Feb 94 - Apr 94Exploration Logistics. (Egypt)

Senior Mine Clearance Supervisor in Egypt responsible for the clearance of safe lanes prior to seismic surveys and also for the safe disposal of UXO and UXB

Jan 93  Feb 94Various security contracts and driving contracts on the continent, on an opportunity basis

Oct 92 - Jan 93Self-employed in the Construction Industry

Jun 92 - Sep 92Involved in negotiations with UNITA in Angola to undertake minefield and booby trap clearance, Acting as Team Leader, co-ordinating a team of qualified and experienced EOD operators.

Jul 91 - Apr 92Royal Ordnance Ammunition Services

EOD & Mine Clearance Operator: Kuwait.

Jan 87 - Jul 91Devon Fire & Rescue Service

Trained, qualified and employed as a Fire fighter.  Successfully passed courses in First Aid approved by the Health and Safety Executive and Devon Ambulance Service. Breathing Apparatus, Fire fighting in Ships, Fire Prevention, and Driving Emergency Vehicles to Advanced Standard and Hydraulic Platforms.  Passed promotional exams up to sub-officer level.

Sep 86 - Jan 87Booker Steed, Plymouth

Employed as a LGV Class 1 Driver. Successfully obtained RSA Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage Operations thus meeting the requirements to be employed as Transport Manager

Sep 75 - Sep 86 HM Armed Forces - Army - Royal Engineers


June 1985 - Tour of Duty in Cyprus with 59 Independent Commando Squadron for warm climate infantry training.

May 1984 - Tour of Duty in the Falkland Islands assisting in civil construction work and Minefield Clearance with 59 Independent Commando Squadron.

May 1983 - With 59 Commando in Canada undertaking civil construction and engineering work.

February 1982 - Compressed Air Diving Course, Marchwood.

January 1981 - Tour of Duty in Norway completing Arctic Warfare Training and adopting supporting role with the Royal Marines and NATO Forces. (The first of six consecutive winter training periods).

September/October 1980 - Commando Training with the Royal Marines in preparation for duties with 59 Independent Commando Sqn., Seaton Barracks, Plymouth. - Passed and awarded the coveted Green Beret.

August 1980 - Armoured Fighting Vehicle Course in Iserlohn, Germany. Obtained driving maintenance skills with regard to tracked vehicles.

February 1980 - Class B1 Combat Engineers Course at Hameln, Germany in order to upgrade combat engineer skills including the use of field machines and explosives in a supervisory capacity.  On completion returned to unit to operate as Section Commander supervising a section of ten men.

January 1980 - Professional Qualifying Course for promotion to Lance Corporal at Iserlohn, Germany.

July - September 1978 - Successfully completed Tour of Duty in Northern Ireland with 32 Engineer Regiment in an infantry role, undertaking ammunition searches of urban and rural areas.

May - July 1978 - Intensive and rigorous training in preparation for duties in Northern Ireland.

November 1977 - Six months Plant Operator Mechanics Driving Course at Chatham, Kent.

February 1977 - Posted to British Army of the Rhine to serve as part of an Engineer Unit carrying out numerous engineering tasks, specialising in mine warfare and demolitions.

January 1977 - Basic Army Driving Course at Church Crookham, Hampshire.

September 1975 - September 1977 - Junior Leaders, Dover, Kent.  Basic Army Training. Combat Engineering Class B2.


Steve PriestleyDavid Sykes

Business Development Manager, EODTUXO QA, QC & Safety

Bob Gravett


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