For nearly 30 years, ISAT faculty and students have worked sided-by-side to reimagine and push the boundaries of traditional academic research.

In ISAT, undergraduate research is a right, not a privilege because we believe that impactful and long-lasting educational experiences go beyond classroom learning. As an integral part of your experience, you'll undertake an extended capstone research project with a faculty mentor. Whether working independently or in teams, you'll tackle real-world problems with practical implications, often in collaboration with local industry or government sponsors. The capstone project is a chance to apply the knowledge and skills you've acquired throughout your studies, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

The annual Senior Symposium, held in April, celebrates the remarkable achievements resulting from capstone projects. It's a platform for students to present their innovative ideas, showcase their problem-solving abilities, and share the impact of their work with the broader community. From cutting-edge research to practical solutions, the Symposium demonstrates how our students are making a difference in the world.

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