Classroom training is one step toward developing your ISAT career. The best way to learn about a profession it is to apply your education/training in an authentic context. 

We recommend that every ISAT student completes an internship because

  • It's  a great way to discover the best career area for your personal talents and interests.
  • It is a way to determine if you like a company before committing to a full-time position. 
  • It allows for an employer to learn firsthand how well you fit into the corporate culture, your ability to work as a team player and independently, and your ability to grasp and develop new concepts.

Students who successfully complete an internship often receive offers of full-time jobs from their intern employers upon graduation. You may even be offered a part-time position in your senior year. This works well for you and the employer - keeping you engaged with the company, and allowing for your continued growth in the professional world.

What is an ISAT internship?

Senior projects and internships related to coursework is an integral part of the ISAT education.  An internship experience is a training experience that complements your ISAT education and gives you an introduction to a specific career or field of interest.

When can I complete an internship?

Internships typically begin in early May and extend through mid-August between the sophomore and junior years and/or the junior and senior years of study.

Where can I intern?

Interns can work for any company that is willing to provide an acceptable internship experience.  There is not limitation on the location, company size, or industry domain. Remember your internship should complement your ISAT coursework.

Will I get paid?

Most internships are paid positions; however, it is up to you to agree upon an acceptable salary with your internship employer. Some organizations, especially non-profits, offer unpaid internships. These opportunities allow you to learn and give back to the community at the same time.

The University Career Center can assist you with resume preparation and searching for an internship.

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