• You’ll benefit from small class sizes and personal attention from our dedicated professors.
  • Our concentrations are strategically chosen to align with rapidly growing fields with a high employment demand. ISAT graduates are prepared to enter these fields and contribute to solving society’s greatest challenges.
  • Your coursework and research are designed to address real-world problems that affect communities near and far – making your learning experience meaningful and practical. For example, you’ll learn biology by exploring how the pandemic spread or delve into chemistry to grasp how climate change is altering ocean chemistry.
  • You’ll explore and develop integrated solutions for major challenges that span various areas, including technology, science, society, and the environment.
  • You’ll be part of a larger mission that serves our local, national, and global community—making a positive impact on individuals, governments, and industries around the world.
  • We foster an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging openness to new ideas in research, teaching, administration, and collaboration. We believe in the power of experimentation across all areas of scholarship, making it a defining aspect of our degree programs.
  • We embrace innovation and flexibility in teaching, such as team teaching, the thoughtful use of technology in the classroom, and extensive student opportunities for hands-on learning in the field, lab, and community.
  • With a broad understanding of various science and technology fields. You’ll gain versatile skills and be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to thrive in various industries and professions.

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