ISAT combines multiple scientific areas into an exciting hands-on, integrated program designed just for you. Students learn by working directly with technology and applying it to solve real-world problems.

Unlike traditional science or technology programs, ISAT offers a unique approach. Here, you won’t focus on one area; instead, you’ll gain a broad foundation in all the basics sciences while acquiring skills in technology, computers, and creative problem-solving.

The best part? You’ll put your scientific knowledge and technical skills into action by tackling some of society’s most pressing issues.

In ISAT, you can pursue your passions and explore your interests. See why students choose ISAT.

Upon graduation, ISAT opens doors to high-paying and rewarding careers in dynamic STEM fields. Many of our graduates continued in their chosen paths, while others thrive by pursuing further education or even starting their own businesses. The ISAT model equips you with a broad scientific knowledge base, technical expertise, and the ability to apply your problem-solving skills effectively, setting you up for success in whatever path you choose next.

Join us and embark on an exciting journey where science, technology, and your passion for making a positive impact come together in a friendly and supportive environment.


The ISAT program is accredited by ABET in applied science.  ABET accreditation is a significant achievement for ISAT.  The accreditation ensures that our program meets high educational quality standards and demonstrates our commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of our program – both now and in the future. Learn more about ISAT accreditation.

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