A Social Work degree is one of the most marketable degrees to have. It allows you to move into many professional areas where the degree is valued or pursue graduate education. Students will find discussions with their faculty academic adviser helpful in planning coursework or graduate school applications to support career goals. While most social work majors pursue graduate education, many seek employment after graduation, most successfully. Others seek service experiences such as City Year, AmeriCorps, or other faith-based service opportunities. 

Social Work majors should become acquainted with the University Career Center.  Students meet a career adviser in the Introduction to Social Work course to help them develop an initial resume, but they can do so much more! The Center encourages students to engage the five ways to be career ready. All students should at least - 

  1. Activate your Handshake account, JMU official online career platform 
  2. In addition to speaking with your social work academic adviser, make an appointment with a Career Adviser once a year. They have lots of information to help students get ready for their next steps!  
  3. Attend a career fair. 

While this seems like general advice to all students, the University Career Center is ready to provide specific support. The Social Work faculty are also eager to assist students in their journey to a career that matches their skills and desires.  

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