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Apply for a graduate assistantship

Graduate teaching assistantships provide students with valuable professional experiences. Depending on the assistantship assignment, responsibilities may include preparing and facilitating undergraduate laboratory experiences, facilitating physical activity, planning and implementing outreach programs, delivering short lectures, grading, and assisting with administrative tasks. Graduate assistants are required to perform 20 hours per week.All assistantships include a stipend intended to offset costs accrued during graduate school. University-wide stipend amounts for graduate teaching assistants are currently $4,972 per academic semester ($9,944/academic yr). Assistantships also include tuition waivers (full or partial).

Possible Kinesiology Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

Lifetime Fitness and Wellness (KIN 100)

KIN 100 is a large general education course that includes lecture and physical activity. GTAs are primarily responsible for instruction in the 30-student physical activity sections of the course. GTAs will be paired with a part-time or full-time lead instructor who delivers the lecture content. Day to day responsibilities include communication with students, grading, leading physical activity. Key areas include: 1) fitness assessment including repetition maximum for arm press and leg press, curl-ups and sit ups, sit-and-reach, BIA and waist-to-hip ratio, and 12-minute run or swim, (2) calculating Target Heart Rate using the Karvonen Method, (3) static stretches, (4) dynamic flexibility, (5) exercise program design, and (6) exercise leadership. Preference will be given to applicants with a nationally recognized group exercise or personal training certification (AFAA, ACE, ACSM, NASM, NSCA) and applicants with leadership experience in commercial fitness, sports performance, campus recreation, or residence life.

Physical & Health Education Teacher Education (PHETE)

The GTA will engage with the PHETE faculty in a variety of professional teacher education experiences that include teaching, service, and scholarship. The teaching experiences involve assisting in classes, providing support during practicums, grading, digital video recording, and supervising undergraduate students. Service includes providing assistance with equipment, representing the program, and promoting public relations. Scholarship entails supporting faculty and student on-going projects. This position provides opportunities to engage in all aspects of teaching at the undergraduate level in the PHETE program.

Physiology of Exercise Laboratory (KIN 302L)

GTAs will be expected to provide autonomous instruction for one or more laboratory section, with direction and feedback from faculty teaching the corresponding laboratory course. Responsibilities include: delivering introductory lecture material to undergraduate Exercise Science students, instructing and supervising their students in the appropriate usage of common laboratory equipment and tests in the Human Performance laboratories, and reviewing and grading student lab reports. Common laboratory experiences in this course include heart rate and blood pressure responses to exercise, muscle function testing, lactate threshold assessment, oxygen uptake responses and VO2max, and effects of various ‘modifying influences’ (environmental conditions, ergogenic aids, etc.) on responses to exercise and human performance.

Human Biomechanics Laboratory (KIN 306L)

GTAs will be expected to provide autonomous instruction for one or more laboratory section, with direction and feedback from faculty teaching the corresponding laboratory course. GTAs will typically be asked to give a short lecture and lead a class discussion introducing the topic for the laboratory experiment, and then supervise the undergraduate students during the experiment. GTAs will also grade laboratory reports and administer take home questions and quizzes. Preference will be given to applicants who have taken a biomechanics course, or have a strong interest in biomechanics, anatomy or physics.

Exercise Testing Laboratory (KIN 321L)

GTAs will be expected to assist with classroom instruction on performing several practical skills, including: blood pressure assessment, assessment of VO2max, body composition and anthropometrics, muscular strength/endurance and flexibility testing. In addition, this position will involve keeping open lab hours to help undergraduate students with their competencies pertaining to these assessment techniques. GTAs will also grade and evaluating the students on their practical exams.

Morrison Bruce Center

The Graduate Student Director (GSD) will be expected to take charge on multiple programs and mentor teams of undergraduate students from Kinesiology and other majors. As part of these teams, the GSD will plan and implement outreach programs dedicated to promoting health and physical activity to girls and women across the lifespan (current participant ages span 3 years old to over 80 years old). This assistantship allows the opportunity to directly apply your academic knowledge, while also experience significant personal growth. The GSD will work closely with Drs. Edwards and Carson Sackett through every part of the planning process, ultimately becoming largely autonomous in overseeing programs. Additionally, students interested in research will have the opportunity to be integrally involved in MBC-related projects.

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