If you have questions about gifts to the Department of Kinesiology, contact:

Liz Bereit
Office of Strategic Gifts, Development Officer
College of Health and Behavioral Studies
Sonner Hall, MSC 4406
All contributions are tax deductible.

Giving Opportunities

The Department of Kinesiology needs your help! Our Department contributes to the development of future leaders in professions that maximize the potential of individuals and society through physical activity. Our programs contribute to the liberal education of all students and prepare students for entry into professional programs. We provide service to the profession and local community, and conduct scholarly projects that push back the boundaries of knowledge and promote effective practice in the kinesiology and recreation disciplines. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us develop these resources:

  • Promote student and faculty innovation, scholarship and professional development in the context of the department’s programs.
  • Support kinesiology student research projects conducted at JMU.
  • Develop scholarships for deserving students who might otherwise not be able to afford to enroll in our programs.
How to contribute to the Department of Kinesiology

Contributions to this fund provide resources for the Morrison-Bruce Center for the Promotion of Physical Activity for Girls and Women (MBC). Founded by Dr. Judith Flohr in 2004, in honor of the contributions of Drs. Lee Morrison and Pat Bruce, the Morrison-Bruce Center is dedicated to promoting physical activity and wellness for women across the lifespan. The Morrison-Bruce Center’s outreach efforts serve over 400 participants per year, with participant ages ranging from 3 to 70+ years. Additionally, the MBC is a site for JMU students’ practica, internships, independent study, theis, and service-learning experiences which in total involve over 100 students per year. The goals of the MBC are to:

  • Provide programming that enhances the well-being of girls and women through the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Conduct research related to girls’ and women's physical and mental well-being.
  • Disseminate research-based information related to the role of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle throughout a woman's life.

The MBC is funded entirely by your generous donations and looks forward to sustaining and growing its wellness promotion efforts in the Valley with your continued support. Please visit the Morrison-Bruce Center website for more information on all of our programs.


Contributions to this fund support of activities associated with Empowerment3. This program empowers individuals with disabilities by providing mentorship programming and instructional skills for underserved children. In its inaugural year (2012-13), seven service/outreach programs and two research projects were conducted by the Center. The Center now serves over 140 children, adolescents and adults with disabilities and utilizes over 200 student mentors from more than 15 academic programs across campus. Contributions to this Center will allow an increase in the number of individuals that can be served by all of its programs.


This fund supports the work of the Department of Kinesiology. Contributions to the Department will be used to enhance educational initiatives in the classroom and research projects that allow for unique student experience outside of the clasroom.


This fund supports the work of the Physical & Health Education Teacher Education academic program (PHETE). Contributions to this academic program will be used to enhance classroom instruction, research projects and extramural opportunities such as supporting student travel to conferences.


This scholarship provides support for graduate students in the Kinesiology Department who demonstrate a desire to learn and who exhibits enthusiasm for life. This fund was established in memory of Marilyn Crawford. Dr. Crawford was the Head of the Department of Physical Education and Health Sciences for 23 years. She retired and passed away in 1989. Dr. Crawford was a strong believer in education, and she consistently gave students money to help them with their expenses. Contributions to this scholarship will allow a larger portion of the student's expenses to be covered by this award.


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