Humanities research often spans the JMU majors English, History, Modern Foreign Languages and Philosophy and Religion.


Students gain hands-on experience through undergraduate research assistantships, internships, conferences, archival projects, publishing in literary and critical journals, creative writing events and readings and collaboration with faculty mentors. The Keezell Review features undergraduate and graduate student work. Explore research opportunities


Students can connect with the community through practicums and research projects on immigration, technology, and public and legal history. We offer hands-on learning in our innovative history studio, a space which allows students to employ cutting-edge technology in the study of the past. Many students present undergraduate work at the JMU Arts and Letters Undergraduate Research Conference each year.

Modern Foreign Languages

Students may explore independent research opportunities, translation projects and Honors projects. The German concentration offers translation internships with a museum in Staunton.

Philosophy and Religion

Students tailor their education with hands-on opportunities, including internships, presentations at academic conferences, teaching assistantships and study abroad. Education extends beyond the classroom walls with visits to Buddhist sanghas, organic cooperative communities and museums hosting ancient artifacts.

Two students presented original research papers, written for REL 201: Introduction to Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament, at the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. Read More

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