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School of Integrated Sciences - Senior Symposium

April 22, 2022

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

King Hall

As part of the SIS experience, every student completes a capstone project.  Working individually or in teams, students work on a problem with a real-world component, sometimes teaming with local industry or governmental sponsors. Capstone project ideas can come from the students themselves, faculty advisors, or sponsors.  The capstone project allows students the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they learned in their program to address a real-world problem and receive valuable hands-on experience.  Students are required to produce a final project report, both in written form and in the form of an oral presentation to the faculty, their student peers, and the public. See the capstone archive.

Senior Capstone Manual

Students may want to read through the Senior Project Manual briefly and get a sense for what to expect. As you proceed through the Senior Project process, it will serve as a handy and (hopefully) useful reference.

Transforming a Senior Capstone into an Honors Thesis

Any student who has a GPA of 3.5 or higher can transform their regular senior project into an honors thesis.  An honors thesis will give students greater recognition from potential employers and graduate schools (the honors designation goes on a student’s official transcript).  It also opens up an opportunity to get potential funding to support your project from the Honors College.

There are three major differences between the Honors Thesis and the normal ISAT Senior Project:

  1. A student must do an individual write-up (students may also work as part of a team for the project)
  2. Students have a slightly advanced schedule (i.e. - the Honors thesis is due a few weeks earlier than the normal thesis)
  3. Students register for 499a, 499b, and 499c  (instead of registering for ISAT 491, 492, and 493)

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