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Jump start your JMU experience by participating in ISAT's new Residential Learning Community (ISAT-RLC)!

Who is it for?

ISAT's new RLC is for first-year students interested in making a difference in the world!
Whether you have a strong background in science and technology -- or are a bit intimidated by it, our new Integrated Science and Technology Residential Learning Community (ISAT RLC) is an opportunity to explore your passion with a small cohort of students in a diverse and inclusive community who take classes and participate in co-curricular activities together.

Who should join?

You – whether you've declared ISAT or are just interested in exploring new possibilities.
Any incoming first-year student can apply to become part of the ISAT RLC. You don't have to major in ISAT to be part of this learning community!

Courses you'll take with members of your RLC
  • Together, your RLC group will explore environmental topics including air and water pollution, ozone depletion, global climate change, energy consumption and impacts on the environment, acid precipitation, ecosystem dynamics, population growth, biodiversity, and human impacts in ISAT 112 (4 credits, Spring).
  • In GEOG 200, you'll build global understanding through the study of humans, their institutions and processes, and the resulting interactions between humans and the environment (3 credits, Fall)
  • You’ll learn more about the ISAT major in ISAT 190 (1 credit, Fall) 
  • And you'll have the opportunity to participate in service projects and go on field trips as part of your RLC activities in ISAT 280 (1 credit, Fall).

Most of our courses count toward General Education requirements. ISAT 112 and GEOG 220 may not meet the requirements of all majors.

What is ISAT?

ISAT majors are intellectually curious, creative problem solvers who enjoy a range of options in choosing what to study. ISAT also offers the opportunity to create your own area of concentration tailored to your particular interests. You can change your focus without changing majors. 

  • We offer experiential learning opportunities in the field, the lab, and the community.
  • Our program is innovative, entrepreneurial, and flexible. 
  • We collaborate in teams, across disciplines, and with external partners.
  • Our graduates become versatile, thoughtful, and effective problem-solvers in the real world. 
  • We foster a spirit of openness to new ideas in research, teaching, administration, and collaboration. 

Our coursework and underlying research address local, national, and global challenges. ISAT majors have: 

  • Designed a mobile app that detects cancer 
  • Created an autonomous vehicle for nursing homes
  • Worked with local schools to develop K-12 curriculum packages 
  • Optimized the bottling process for a local brewing company 
  • Addressed energy and environmental issues associated with economic and social development in Costa Rica. 

Check out some of our student capstone projects.

Learn about ISAT students' experiences:

How do I apply?

Incoming first-year students can apply online beginning April 1. Applications are due by May 14.


Please contact Dr. CJ Hartman

For a list of RLC FAQ's, visit JMU's Office of Residence Life.

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