Assessment 101

In this nationally-acclaimed (NASPA Silver Award winning) workshop, you will learn about assessment in a focused environment. During this 5-day interactive workshop, you will practice the components of the assessment cycle with a special emphasis on learning improvement. The workshop will explore topics such as:

  • writing student learning outcomes
  • mapping the curriculum
  • creating instruments
  • examining implementation fidelity
  • analyzing data
  • reporting results
  • using results to make evidence-based decisions

This workshop is ideal for those relatively new to assessment practices.

For JMU Employees: These workshops are provided at no cost to current JMU faculty and staff. Each Dean or Department Head will nominate a participant from their college or student affairs unit. If you are interested in participating, please contact your Dean or Department head.

For External/non-JMU Employees: A limited number of seats have been reserved for external participants and are indicated below by session. If you are interested, you may register below. JMU charges a $1,500 fee for external participants. The fee covers participation in the week-long workshop, and any printed materials provided during the course of the workshop. A discount may be available for institutions sending multiple attendees. Please contact us before registering if you have more than one attendee from your organization. If you have further questions, please contact Paula Love (

Assessment 101 Workshops are conducted on-site at James Madison University and the full week’s participation is required. For information on lodging and transportation, please click here: Summer Workshop Traveler Guide

Summer 2020 Dates

June 15th - June 19th - 5 seats available - Register

July 13th - July 17th - 10 seats available - Register

July 27th – July 31st - 20 seats available - Register


Assessment Progress Template (APT) Rating

Over five days, faculty will participate in the CHEA-award winning process of evaluating academic degree program assessment reports (known as APTs). For the first two days, faculty are trained to evaluate reports. For the next three days, raters pair up with pre-selected partners to evaluate approximately 10 reports from various disciplines. Past participants report that this behind-the-scenes view of assessment immediately helped them contribute to their own program-level assessment practices. This session is ideal for academic degree program assessment coordinators, or others heavily involved with program-level assessment.

For JMU Employees: Participation as an APT rater is subject to nomination by the Dean or Department head of your academic unit, college, or student affairs unit. If you are interested in serving as an APT Rater, please contact your Dean or Department Head.

For External/non-JMU Employees: APT Ratings are not currently open to external participants on a regular basis. If you think your institution may benefit from learning more about JMU’s academic program assessment model, please contact Dr. Keston Fulcher, CARS Executive Director at for more information and possible opportunities.


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