Who are we?  

Megan Good, Faculty Lead

 What do we do?  

The purpose of the Professional Development team is to support the CARS vision and strategic goals by offering assessment-related professional development opportunities for JMU faculty and staff. 

CARS Vision:  To improve higher education by inspiring and empowering faculty and staff to make evidence-based decision to enhance student learning and development. 

Strategic Goal #1:  Faculty and staff value assessment as an effective means by which to make evidence-based decisions about student learning and development. 

Strategic Goal #2:  Faculty and staff have the knowledge, confidence, and skills to conduct assessment, in order to make evidence-based decisions. 


How do we do it?  

Assessment Skills Framework 

High-quality professional development opportunities are necessary for building campus-wide assessment capacity. Because of the diverse skills required to do high quality assessment, the JMU CARS Professional Development team aligns programming to a set of assessment-related knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These skills are outlined in the Assessment Skills Framework, which provides a broad array of learning objectives that are useful in planning professional development opportunities and setting personal professional development goals. The framework is available on the RPA website at  http://www.rpajournal.com/ 

Horst, S. J., & Prendergast, C. O. (in press). The Assessment Skills Framework: A taxonomy of assessment knowledge, skills and attitudes. Research & Practice in Assessment.  

Learn more about our professional development programs and how they align with the Assessment Skills Framework here.

Seeking personal professional development in assessment?

Visit the Professional Development in Assessment homepage to learn more about the Assessment Skills Framework, and for resources compiled to assist you in leveling up in your own assessment journey!

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