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Student Affairs Assessment Support Service (SASS) aims to enhance the assessment capacity of student affairs professionals who coordinate programs with student learning and developmental outcomes.  Fulfillment of this mission occurs via direct consultation, educational activities, and the dissemination of scholarly work relevant to assessment practices. 

Values & Objectives

  • Enhancement of student affairs professionals’ knowledge and skills with respect to assessment
  • Use of assessment results in order to facilitate evidence-based program decisions
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration

As a result of consultation and/or collaboration with SASS, Student Affairs professionals will…

  • Develop sustainable assessment plans that provide information about student learning.
  • Use assessment results to make evidence-based decisions about their programs.
  • Disseminate findings to the regional, national, and international professional community.

SASS Support

Assessing and advancing student learning and development is increasingly critical to the success of student affairs programs. Student Affairs Assessment Support Service (SASS) strives to help student affairs practitioners enhance their assessment capacity and use results to improve student learning and development. To fulfill this mission, SASS offers consultation services, delivers educational events, and collaborates with student affairs professionals to disseminate scholarly work. SASS consultants value and promote using assessment results to facilitate improved student learning and development enhancing student affairs professionals assessment knowledge and skills; and engaging in cross-disciplinary collaboration.


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