Ellen HedrickAdmissions Counselor

Hi! My name is Ellen Hedrick, JMU’s regional coordinator for your area.

I received my teaching degree from JMU and after having an amazing experience here, decided to stay in the area.  I met my husband here in a snow ball fight-so we say good things happen at JMU! We are now the proud parents of two graduated children-one with health science/nursing degrees and the other a geographic science degree.  And a recent wedding added a daughter-in-law with a JMU history major and Masters in Teaching!  We are proud of the JMU love. 

If you have not been to JMU yet I would encourage you to plan a visit to attend an information session and take a guided tour of our beautiful campus. Some favorite things to check out while you are here:  the Quad, the Arboretum, ask a student about their favorite dining spot and then go there, hit the bookstore for a hoodie, walk through the academic area you are interested in and talk to students there, drive around campus and downtown, see if someone opens the door for you (a favorite tradition here) and enjoy the absolutely beautiful landscaping and scenery.

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Whether you have general information questions or specific questions about the admissions process at JMU, please feel free to email me at hedricme@jmu.edu  I look forward to hearing from you!

Best of luck in your college search and thank you for your interest in JMU.  Go Dukes!

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