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Applying as a JMU Employee

We believe in higher education and the continued development of our faculty and staff members. JMU employees may therefore be eligible to enroll in credit courses on a part-time basis and have tuition waived. Full and part-time faculty and staff, non-student wage employees and emeritus faculty and staff are eligible under the policies below.

What kind of student are you?


Will you be taking 11 or fewer credit hours in total? If so, you are a non-degree seeking student. The policies and procedures for non-degree-seeking coursework is outlined in Policy 1402. You will need to follow the procedures outlined in the policy, complete the Waiver of Tuition form, and submit a Special Student Application and application fee by the appropriate deadline.


Will you be taking 12 credit hours or more in total? If so, you are considered degree-seeking. You will need to complete the Waiver of Tuition form and submit an application and application fee by the appropriate deadline for freshman, transfer, or Adult Degree Program applicants. Being an employee of JMU does not guarantee admission as a student. The Office of Admissions and Adult Degree Program will process your application following the same guidelines and requirements as non-employees.


  • Waiver of Tuition form: Human Resources Benefits Office in Human Resources
  • Freshman and transfer process: Joe Manning in the Office of Admissions
  • Adult Degree Program: Enrollment Advisor, Adult Degree Program
  • Tuition deposit invoice: University Business Office, Student Success Center (540) 568-6505.

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