Strategic Goal 2

Centering evidence-based anti-racist, anti-discriminatory and anti-harassment national best practices, Academic Affairs will foster an inclusive and evolving community that supports a thriving and supportive academic culture.

Objective 1

Progressively increase strategic activities that align with national anti-racist framework priority areas

  • Institutional Structure 
  • Policies and Procedures 
  • Resource Allocation  
  • Academic Equity and Student Success 
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy 
  • Hiring, Retention and Promotion  
  • Institutional Programming 
  • Education/Training/Employee Development 
  • Campus Climate/Culture 
  • Admissions and Access 


Action Items
  1. By the end of AY 2022-23, develop a reporting tool allowing DEI Leaders to:

    1. Enter data that reflects specific actions in support of each priority area, and

    2. Indicate the level (basic, intermediate or advanced) of those efforts, using criteria established by the Strategic Initiatives and Global Affairs office in collaboration with the DEI Leaders.

  2. By the end of AY 2023-24, establish baselines for each priority area identified from the data entered in the reporting tool. 

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