Strategic Goal 2

Centering evidence-based anti-racist, anti-discriminatory and anti-harassment national best practices, Academic Affairs will foster an inclusive and evolving community that supports a thriving and supportive academic culture.

Objective 2

Implement strategic activities that address discrimination, misconduct, harassment and adverse experiences and promote mental wellness, as identified in the Climate Study and 2021 COACHE Survey, resulting in a more inclusive campus environment. 



Action Items
  1. In response to the results of the Climate Study:

    1. By the end of AY 2022-23, the Climate Study Response and Implementation Team will have begun to inform campus of the Climate Study results and will have sought input on implementing new and strengthening existing programs that will increase diversity, equity and inclusion.

    2. By the end of AY 2023-24, Academic Affairs will identify Climate Study themes centered in AA and collaborate with Shared Equity Leaders to plan and implement measures that address the findings.

  2. In response to the results of the 2021 COACHE Survey:

    1. By the end of AY 2022-23, the Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Global Affairs will meet with Shared Equity Leaders to discuss and process 2021 COACHE Survey results.

    2. By the end of AY 2023-24, Shared Equity Leaders and the Strategic Initiatives and Global Affairs office will execute initiatives that address 2021 COACHE Survey results.

    3. By the end of the AY 2024-25, a new COACHE Survey will be completed. 

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