Welcome to the Office of Inclusive Strategy and Equity Initiatives

The core of equity work is building community and creating inclusive communities where everyone can thrive. The goal of this office is to cultivate an inclusive community with the support of faculty, staff and students which will lead to increased diversity and retention. This office values the voices of all faculty, staff, students and cultures. Together we will thrive towards inclusive excellence.

Narketta Sparkman-Key

Dr. Narketta Sparkman-Key

Associate Provost for Inclusive Strategies and Equity Initiatives; Professor, Learning, Technology & Leadership Education


Curriculum Vitae

Our Mission Statement

The Office of Inclusive Strategy and Equity Initiatives provides leadership, strategy and support to the development of an inclusive culture within Academic Affairs that builds on the mission and vision of James Madison University while putting into action the division’s strategic plan. This office focuses on strategically planning efforts that embrace diversity, equity and inclusion while amplifying voices and equitably supporting faculty, staff and students so that they all have space to thrive.

What We Value
  • We value an inclusive culture by recognizing, embracing and equitably supporting differences within our community.
  • We utilize university data to strategically plan efforts to support the Academica Affairs community.
  • We partner with colleges and other divisional units to support their efforts in creating an inclusive culture.
  • We support DEI leaders across Academic Affairs to lead diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within their colleges and other units.
  • We support the Academic Affairs community and affinity groups through budgetary support.
  • We represent the interest of Academic Affairs in efforts to address themes found in the climate study and Task Force on Racial Equity recommendations.
  • We liaise with DEI leadership across university divisions to lead change initiatives focused on creating an inclusive culture.
  • We promote equitable hiring practices through partnerships with Human Resources and the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Sarah Burke
Administrative Assistant
Sheldon Hall, Room 112 | MSC 7508
540.568.8906 | burke2se@jmu.edu

Racial Equity Tools Glossary

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