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Basic - Single Line Phones (Faculty, Staff & Students)

Your telephone is equipped with several convenience features, most of which are for on-campus use only.

CALL TRANSFER - transfers a call in progress to another station

  • Depress the tap (TAP) button.
  • Dial the five digit extension number you are transferring to.
  • Either hang up or wait for the party to answer and announce the call.

CALL FORWARDING - forwards calls to another station

OPTION 1 - FWD (FORWARD ALL CALLS) Phone will not ring. Calls go immediately to 5-digit  extension. 
     TO ACTIVATE: Lift handset. Dial then 5-digit extension. Hang up.
     Calls will go immediately to 5-digit extension.
     TO CANCEL: Lift handset. Dial . Hang up.

OPTION 2 - FWD NA (FORWARD NO ANSWER) Calls will go to 5-digit extension after 3-5 rings.
     TO ACTIVATE: Lift handset. Dial  then 5-digit extension. Hang up.
     TO CANCEL: Lift handset. Dial . Hang up.

OPTION 3 - FWD BY (FORWARD BUSY) If your extension is busy, calls go immediately to 5-digit extension.
     TO ACTIVATE: Lift handset. Dial  then 5-digit extension. Hang up.
     TO CANCEL: Lift handset. Dial . Hang up.

HOLD - places a party on hold while you continue to make or receive calls

  • Depress the tap button. Dial star 0. Hang up.
  • To retrieve a call from your telephone, lift the handset. Dial star 0.
  • To retrieve a call from another telephone, dial pound 0 plus the extension where you placed the call on hold.

CALL BACK - rings your phone when a busy line is clear

  • When you receive a busy signal, depress tapstar . Hang up.
  • When both the called station and your station are idle, your phone will begin to ring.
  • Lift the handset and the called station will ring. (Cancel by dialing pound )

CALL WAITING - indicates a second incoming call to a busy station

To Activate Call Waiting:

  • Pick up handset and depress pound .
    (When you are on the phone, calls will no longer go to voicemail).

To Retreive a Call Waiting Call:

  • Upon hearing a short tone during a conversation, place the first party on hold by depressing the tap button. This connects you to the second party.
  • Depressing the tap button again allows you to alternate between the two parties.
  • This feature works only on residence hall extensions.
  • You cannot place a call waiting to an administrative extension.


  • If you should receive a harassing phone call, BEFORE the party hangs up, depress tap (pause for 1 second) then Dial star.
  • Hang up. Call Campus Police at 86911 immediately.