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Single Line Phones (Faculty, Staff & Students)

Your telephone is equipped with several convenience features, most of which are for on-campus use only.

CALL TRANSFER - transfers a call in progress to another station

  • Depress the tap (TAP) button.
  • Dial the station number you are transferring to.
  • Either hang up or wait for the party to answer and announce the call.

CALL FORWARDING - forwards calls to another station

OPTION 1 - FWD (FORWARD ALL CALLS) Phone will not ring. Calls go immediately to 5-digit  extension. 
     TO ACTIVATE: Lift handset. Dial then 5-digit extension. Hang up.
     Calls will go immediately to 5-digit extension.
     TO CANCEL: Lift handset. Dial . Hang up.

OPTION 2 - FWD NA (FORWARD NO ANSWER) Calls will go to 5-digit extension after 3-5 rings.
     TO ACTIVATE: Lift handset. Dial  then 5-digit extension. Hang up.
     TO CANCEL: Lift handset. Dial . Hang up.

OPTION 3 - FWD BY (FORWARD BUSY) If your extension is busy, calls go immediately to 5-digit extension.
     TO ACTIVATE: Lift handset. Dial  then 5-digit extension. Hang up.
     TO CANCEL: Lift handset. Dial . Hang up.

HOLD - places a party on hold while you continue to make or receive calls

  • Depress the tap button. Dial star 0. Hang up.
  • To retrieve a call from your telephone, lift the handset. Dial star 0.
  • To retrieve a call from another telephone, dial pound 0 plus the extension where you placed the call on hold.

CALL BACK - rings your phone when a busy line is clear

  • When you receive a busy signal, depress tapstar . Hang up.
  • When both the called station and your station are idle, your phone will begin to ring.
  • Lift the handset and the called station will ring. (Cancel by dialing pound )

CALL WAITING - indicates a second incoming call to a busy station

To Activate Call Waiting:

  • Pick up handset and depress pound .
    (When you are on the phone, calls will no longer go to voicemail).

To Retreive a Call Waiting Call:

  • Upon hearing a short tone during a conversation, place the first party on hold by depressing the tap button. This connects you to the second party.
  • Depressing the tap button again allows you to alternate between the two parties.
  • This feature works only on residence hall extensions.
  • You cannot place a call waiting to an administrative extension.


  • If you should receive a harassing phone call, BEFORE the party hangs up, depress tap (pause for 1 second) then Dial star.
  • Hang up. Call Campus Police at 86911 immediately.

*** Because both VOICE MAIL and CALL WAITING features cannot be activated at the same time, students living together MUST CHOOSE which feature they would prefer to use while they are on the phone.