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PIN Policies 

  • Students may place on-campus, local area, and toll free calls from hallway courtesy phones and residence hall room phones without a Telecom PIN and at no charge.

  • A Telecom PIN is required to place long distance, international and directory assistance calls from hallway courtesy phones and residence hall room phones.

  • To request a Telecom PIN, visit http://www.jmu.edu/telecom/forms/pinrequest.shtml.

  • Sharing your PIN is prohibited! Any shared PIN may be revoked. Accepting collect or third party calls in residence halls is prohibited. PLEASE safeguard your Telecom PIN!

  • Using a PIN assigned to another student or unassigned is theft. PIN theft may be reported to JMU Public Safety and fined up to $15.00 per call.

  • Students in residence hall rooms share the responsibility for calls made from their extension.

  • Report a lost or stolen PIN to JMU Telecommunications immediately at 568-6108 or send e-mail to telecom@jmu.edu.

  • A student leaving JMU before the year-end (withdrawing, transferring, studying abroad, graduating in December, or moving off-campus) should CANCEL their Telecom PIN in writing. Submit a cancellation form or visit the JMU Telecom office at 1021 S. Main Street (JMAC1).


  • Long distance calls are billed at 8¢ per minute anytime, anywhere in the continental USA. International rates vary. Directory assistance calls are billed at $2.49 per call.

  • JMU University Business Office will provide monthly billing. Telecom charges will appear on the resident's consolidated monthly bill and will be billed electronically to the resident's JMU e-mail address via QuickBILL. See payment information at http://www.jmu.edu/ubo. For billing inquires, call (540) 568-6505, or send e-mail to ubo@jmu.edu.

  • For additional information, visit our website at http://www.jmu.edu/telecom.

  • For PIN service and long distance inquires, call (540) 568-6108, or send e-mail to telecom@jmu.edu.

  • For voice mail, cable TV, and phone repair, call (540) 568-6471, or send e-mail to telecom@jmu.edu.

  • For billing inquiries, call JMU University Business Office at 568-6505, or send e-mail to ubo@jmu.edu.

  • For payment options, visit the JMU University Business Office website at http://www.jmu.edu/ubo.

JMU Telecommunications
1021 S. Main Street
MSC 5732
Harrisonburg, VA 22807