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Faculty/Staff Telephone Services


For short term cell phone rentals from JMU Telecommunications please call us at 568.6471 or send email to telecom@jmu.edu.

Obtaining a University Cell Phone/Cellular Device(s)

Information on available cellular devices and calling plans may be obtained by contacting the JMU Telecommunications Office.

The Vice President responsible for the area making the request must grant approval for the purchase of cell phones and cell service. The approval must be in writing and carry the VP signature. The person making the request should maintain a copy of the approval on file for the duration of time the cellular service is active.  VP approval for cellular device(s) is not required.  Any device requiring cellular service must process through the JMU Telecommunications Department.

Once the written approval is obtained, a copy must be given to the Telecommunications Office along with a description of the equipment and/or calling plan desired. The Telecommunications Office will place the order and the contract vendor. The Telecommunications Office will notify the requesting party when it arrives on campus. The original purchase cost of the equipment and the monthly cost of the service will be added to the requesting departments' monthly Telecommunications phone bill.

Requests for repairs or to discontinue service must be made via email to the Telecommunications Office telecom@jmu.edu.

****Coming Soon - Two Way Radio Rental Availability****


To order new pagers or for pager repairs, please call us at 568.6471 or send email to telecom@jmu.edu.

A $5.00 shipping and processing fee will be applied to departmental accounts for each replaced or repaired pager.


The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) now is offering an enhanced, interactive audio and data conferencing service. This service provides more reliable, flexible and easy-to-use functions. It supports voice and data conferencing that can include slides, Web tours, application sharing and other features.

What is VITA audio and data conferencing?

Reservationless conferencing:

On-demand conferencing allows users to initiate a conference 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the need to make a reservation. Holding an audio and data conference is as simple as the user dialing his or her personal number and entering a conference code.

Operator-assisted conferencing:

Feature-rich conferencing service that makes it easy to customize conferences. Expert operators manage details so users can concentrate on conferencing and delivering messages.

Event services:

The customization of a large-scale event call with the convenience of automated conferencing. Participants join the conference call by entering a pass code, eliminating the need for an operator to connect them.

Data conferencing:

The service lets users host virtually any business meeting via the Internet. It’s easy, interactive and highly effective. With Web access, the meeting center transforms the user’s computer into a powerful online meeting forum that integrates the Web and a conference call allowing the host to communicate and share documents, presentations and applications with anyone, anywhere.


Where can I find more information and to order services?

Please call Telecom 540-568-6471 or e-mail telecom@jmu.edu.