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Microsoft Outlook 2007

Tutorial Homepage for Exchange 

Microsoft Office Outlook Exchange or Outlook Exchange is a personal information manager from Microsoft. Used mainly as an e-mail application, it also includes a Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, and more.  JMU will be using Outlook connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server.  This will enable JMU faculty and staff to share departmental mailboxes, and resources.

Outlook Web App is used to access E-mail, Calendars, Contacts, and other mailbox content through the web. Outlook Web App is connected to JMU's Exchange Server and can be accessed from a web browser. Some of the functionality in Office Outlook is also available in this web "look-alike". 

Videos are available for many of the tutorials.  Flash Player needs to be installed on the computer to view these tutorials.  Flash Player can be downloaded from:  http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/.

 Outlook 2007 vs. Outlook Web Access - A Comparison (1 page)
JMU Exchange Messaging Limits 

Outlook Exchange Handouts

Basic Handouts Outlook 2007 Basic
  Calendar Basic
  Outlook Web App E-Mail & Calendar Basic (updated 11/10)

 Function Specific Tutorials

 Exchange E-Mail Viewing Message Headers
  Change the Reading Pane from Right to Bottom  Tutorial Video      
  Opening and Closing the To-Do Bar                    Tutorial Video      
  Using Categories and Flags
  Color Coding Inbox Messages                           Tutorial Video        
  Creating a Signature                                        Tutorial Video       
  Saving a Draft or a Template
  Adding Contacts from E-Mail Messages
  Adding Contacts While Creating an E-Mail Message
  Adding Safe Senders to the Safe Senders List
  Adding an E-Mail Name or Domain to the Blocked Senders List
  Permission Level Descriptions
 E-Mail Office Assistant Creating an Out of Office Message
 Advanced Features Off-Campus and Non-Domain Joined Computer Configuration
  Configuring a Mailbox for Other Users
 Departmental Mail Boxes Adding A Mailbox Profile for Full Access  to a Departmental Mailbox
 Contacts (Address Books) Changing the Default Address List                      Tutorial Video      
 Personal Distribution Lists Creating a Distribution List
  Creating and Outlook Distribution List Using Data from an Excel Spreadsheet
Global Distribution Lists Managing A Global Distribution List Members in Outlook 2007
  Managing A Global Distribution List in Outlook Web App
To-Do Bar Making the To-Do Bar Show Only Today's Tasks
 Calendar Defining Calendar Activities
  Creating Appointments and Events (user only)
  Creating Meetings (inviting others)
  Responding to a Meeting Request
  Sharing Your Own Calendar
  Changing Sharing Permission Levels on Your Calendar
  Granting Designee Access to Calendars/Resources
  Explanation of Resource Owner Informational E-Mail
  Permission Level Descriptions
  Schedule a Recurring meeting that is not part of a series
  Automatic categorizing of an appointment
  Categorizing a single occurence within a series
Calendar Resources Resource Settings: Defaults and Explanations
Tasks Using Tasks
 Outlook Web App E-Mail Outlook Web App Update - New Screens
  Logging in                                                   Tutorial Video       
  Login Page: Additional Features                     Tutorial Video       
  Creating a Signature                                     Tutorial Video       
  Autocomplete: OWA completes e-mail names  Tutorial Video      
. Creating a New Message                                Tutorial Video      
  Creating a Distribution List
  Accessing a Departmental Mailbox through Outlook Web App