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SSL VPN Service


Update 12/18/14

Changes to the SSLVPN have been made to reduce risk associated with remote access to campus resources. If you are unable to access necessary resources, please send an email message to it-security@jmu.edu with the subject “vpn access request” and include the following information:

  • Your current city and country
  • Phone number and best time to contact you if necessary
  • The services you are unable to access

Request processing will take approximately 24 hours.



The SSL VPN Service offers a number of ways to connect to the JMU network from off-campus to access restricted, on-campus resources (available only from the JMU network range).  

SSL VPN Methods

  • Junos Pulse - places your computer on the JMU network with a JMU IP address. While connected, all network traffic is routed through JMU’s network.  Junos Pulse is available to: students, faculty, staff, and affiliates

  • File Access - allows access to on-campus network file storage from off-campus, e.g. access to employee network file storage on the N: drive (IT-data1, IT-data2, IT-data3) through a web interface.  Available to:  faculty, staff and designated students

  • Browse and Web Bookmarks - provide quick ways to access restricted web applications. Only the network traffic associated with the web application is routed through JMU, allowing direct network connections to other resources.  Available to: students, faculty, staff and affiliates

  • Terminal Session - provide Secure Shell (SSH) access to UNIX servers and allows Windows Terminal Services connections.  Available to: faculty and staff (students and affiliates upon request)

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