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SSL VPN Service

The SSL VPN Service offers a number of ways to connect to the JMU network from off-campus to access restricted, on-campus resources (available only from the JMU network range).  

SSL VPN Methods

  • Junos Pulse - places your computer on the JMU network with a JMU IP address. While connected, all network traffic is routed through JMU’s network.  Junos Pulse is available to: students, faculty, staff, and affiliates

  • File Access - allows access to on-campus network file storage from off-campus, e.g. access to employee network file storage on the N: drive (IT-data1, IT-data2, IT-data3) through a web interface.  Available to:  faculty, staff and designated students

  • Browse and Web Bookmarks - provide quick ways to access restricted web applications. Only the network traffic associated with the web application is routed through JMU, allowing direct network connections to other resources.  Available to: students, faculty, staff and affiliates

  • Terminal Session - provide Secure Shell (SSH) access to UNIX servers and allows Windows Terminal Services connections.  Available to: faculty and staff (students and affiliates upon request)

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