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SSL VPN Service

The SSL VPN service provides remote (off-campus) access to JMU systems and services that are not directly accessible through the Internet. The service is divided into two sections or realms based upon level of access and type of authentication.  The Green realm is the general access realm provided to all JMU students, faculty, and staff primarily for access to Library resources and databases. Authentication to the Green realm requires an e-ID and password.  The Black realm provides additional access to JMU resources and requires two-factor authentication.  Once a user is granted access through the Black realm, their ability to use the Green realm is removed.

Access to Library resources and databases

Library resources and databases are accessible to JMU students, faculty, and staff through both the Green and Black realms.

Access to other systems

Access to systems such as the N: drive and other network file storage, PeopleSoft applications, and SharePoint (on-prem) requires use of the Black realm.  To obtain access to the Black realm, a Project Initiation Questionnaire (PIQ) must be completed. Authorization by the employee’s supervisor and HR is required. The PIQ is located at https://remedy.jmu.edu/PIQ.asp                

When completing the PIQ, indicate:

  • To which systems and services remote access is needed
  • A phone number and best time to contact if necessary

Be sure to include a detailed description. If a field does not apply, indicate "Not applicable." 

As IT completes the PIQ request, a two-factor token will be issued.  The token must be used any time remote access is required. Due to the level of access they provide, support for tokens may require a physical visit to the IT Help Desk for verification and identification purposes.

Two types of two-factor tokens are available:

  • a physical key-fob that can be attached to a key chain
  • an app installed on a smartphone

Selection of token type is based upon personal preference.  JMU Information Technology recommends physical tokens for ease of use.  Opting for the smartphone app will require contacting the IT Help Desk to enroll a new token whenever the phone is replaced or reset. JMU Information Technology strives to process requests (including completing the authorizations and security setup) within 3 business days. IT will send emails outlining needed steps during the process. 

The SSL VPN Service offers a number of ways to connect to the JMU network from off-campus to access restricted, on-campus resources (available only from the JMU network range).

SSL VPN Methods

  • Junos Pulse - places your computer on the JMU network with a JMU IP address. While connected, all network traffic is routed through JMU’s network.  Junos Pulse is available to: students, faculty, staff, and affiliates

  • File Access - allows access to on-campus network file storage from off-campus, e.g. access to employee network file storage on the N: drive (IT-data1, IT-data2, IT-data3) through a web interface.  Available to:  faculty, staff and designated students

  • Browse and Web Bookmarks - provide quick ways to access restricted web applications. Only the network traffic associated with the web application is routed through JMU, allowing direct network connections to other resources.  Available to: students, faculty, staff and affiliates

  • Terminal Session - provide Secure Shell (SSH) access to UNIX servers and allows Windows Terminal Services connections.  Available to: faculty and staff (students and affiliates upon request)

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