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JMU Sharepoint Services FAQ

  1. What is SharePoint?
    View this SharePoint video for a complete overview.

  2. What version of SharePoint does JMU SharePoint Services Support?
    SharePoint 2013 Server (JMU SharePoint OnPrem)

    SharePoint 2013 Online Office 365 (JMU SharePoint OnLine)

  3. Are there restrictions on who can access SharePoint OnPrem vs SharePoint OnLine?
    OnPrem includes Faculty, Staff, Student Employees, Students with Faculty Sponsor using @dukes.

    OnLine includes Faculty, Staff, Student Employee using @jmu.edu. Students may be invited to sites/documents using the students @dukes.jmu.edu.

  4. How do I access SharePoint?
    JMU SP OnPrem - https://sps.jmu.edu (requires SSLVPN/Network Connect when off campus);

    JMU SP OnLine - https://jmuedu.sharepoint.com (No SSLVPN/Network Connect required off campus); userid@jmu.edu and password

  5. What is the difference between JMU SharePoint OnPrem vs JMU SharePoint OnLine?
    See SharePoint 2013 OnPrem/SharePoint2013 OnLine.

  6. Can student organizations request SharePoint sites?
    Yes, students may request SharePoint OnPrem sites. Students will need a faculty/staff sponsor and submit a SharePoint Site Request form.

  7. What browsers are supported by Microsoft for SharePoint?
    SharePoint can be used within the most common browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, (Mac and Windows). However, some features of SharePoint may function correctly only through Internet Explorer 8 or higher. For this reason, Information Technology recommends use of Internet Explorer for most users. More information is available at Microsoft SharePoint 2013 plan browser support site.

  8. Is Microsoft Office required for SharePoint?
    No. Microsoft web apps allow you to open and edit Microsoft documents within the browser, however, without having MS Office installed, you will have limited capabilities.

  9. What Microsoft Office version do I need?
    Office 2013 is recommended for the best user experience with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Office 2010 may also be used.

  10. How do I request a SharePoint site?
    Complete the SharePoint Site Request Form.

  11. I would like to move a site from SharePoint OnPrem to SharePoint Online. Is this possible?
    Yes, you may request the move using the OnPrem Site Request Form.

  12. How do I set SharePoint permissions?
    SharePoint permissions are set at the site / library as well as the document and folder levels.  Check out the SharePoint Permissions page for additional information.

  13. My SharePoint site does not contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII), how do I share it outside of JMU?
    Instructions on Sharing sites or documents with people outside your organization from Microsoft.

  14. How does someone sign up for a Microsoft account if I'm sharing outside of JMU?
    Instructions on Signing up for a Microsoft account.

  15. Are there guidelines or restrictions for storing data in JMU SharePoint OnLine?
    Yes, review this document.

  16. Creating a new document in office online does not prompt for a file name. For example Word documents save as 'document'  how do I name the file?
    In the Online Office App the file name can be changed on the top center of the document. When the document is first created, the default is document, edit the name by clicking on document and change it. Note this functionality is available only when creating a new document.

  17. Several Office and Office Online products enable multiple authors to edit documents at the same time.  What are some of the different collaboration methods.
    Review 'Document collaboration and co-authoring' documentation from Microsoft.