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OneDrive for Business FAQ

  1. What is OneDrive for Business?
    OneDrive for Business is a personal library intended for storing and organizing your documents. OneDrive for Business lets you access your most important documents from your desktop or from any device, anywhere.

  2. What is the difference between 'Dukes' and 'JMU' OneDrive for Business?
    Dukes OneDrive for Business is available to students @ http://dukes.jmu.edu 
    JMU OneDrive for Business is availalble to faculty / staff @ http://spsonline.jmu.edu 

  3. What other help is available from Microsoft?
    Microsoft provides extensive online help for OneDrive for Business.  When using OneDrive for Business, click the question mark icon '?' located in the upper-right corner of the browser window to access Microsoft help.

  4. Is OneDrive for Business then same as OneDrive?
    No, though there are many similarities between OneDrive for Business and OneDrive. the service available to the public, there are some key differences. For information, see How does OneDrive for Business differs from OneDrive.

  5. Can I sync my personal OneDrive (onedrive.live.com) with OneDrive for Business?
    An automated sync between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business is not available.  You may download files from OneDrive to your local system then upload or drag and drop files to OneDrive for Business.

  6. Are mobile apps are available for OneDrive for Business?
    Yes, iOS devices download 'OneDrive for Business' app from the Apple App Store.  Android devices download 'Office Mobile' from Google Play.  Windows Phone download 'OneDrive for Business' for the Windows App Store

  7. How much storage is available in OneDrive for Business?
    Each account in Dukes and JMU OneDrive for Business has 1 Terabyte of storage

  8. The global navigation bar in Office 365 displays 'OneDrive' - is this OneDrive for Business?

  9. Do I have to use a PC to access OneDrive for Business?
    No, OneDrive for Business is compatible with Mac and mobile device browsers.  iOS, Android and Windows Phones have additional apps that can be installed for ease of use.

  10. What is the maximum file size that can be stored in OneDrive for Business?
    2 GB is the max file size, and the number of files is limited to 20,000 per user.

  11. Can I install the OneDrive for Business app on my computer to access my files like I do with Dropbox?
    Sync is only available for Windows systems and coming soon for Mac.  Instructions for Windows 7 and Windows 8 from Microsoft.
    Additional information to Sync OneDrive for Business libraries to your computer.

  12. How do I move folders/files from my local computer to OneDrive for Business and I would prefer not to sync files from OneDrive for Business to my local computer, is this possible?
    Yes, this does require Internet Explorer on a Windows system and use the 'Open with Explorer' function.  Instructions can be found in Use folders and File Explorer to organize your OneDrive for Business.

  13. I'm having issues with OneDrive for Business sync app, where do I get help.  
    Microsoft provides documentation how to solve problems you're having with the OneDrive for Business Sync app.

  14. What file types cannot be uploaded to OneDrive for Business?
    Notably .exe and .shtm. For a complete list from Microsoft, see Blocked file types.

  15. What characters cannot be used in OneDrive for Business file names?
    See Microsoft help topic 'I can't upload a file or folder'.

  16. How does the Shared With Everyone folder in OneDrive work?
    When you put documents/files in the Shared With Everyone folder, all of those files inherit permissions for everyone of like-role (all fac/staff members at JMU or all active students at JMU if using student Dukes OneDrive) get to access that file. It does not notify the whole university, and it won’t show up in their “Shared With Me” folder.  The way you see what’s in someone’s Shared With Everyone folder is to go to their personal page (use the search box in the top-left of OneDrive and search for the person’s name).  You can also search from Newsfeed.

  17. How do I share documents or folders with people outside of JMU?
    Instructions on Sharing documents with people outside your organization from Microsoft.

  18. How does someone sign up for a Microsoft account if I'm sharing outside of JMU?
    Instructions on Signing up for a Microsoft account.

  19. Where is the recycle bin?
    See the Microsoft help on How to Restore or Empty Your Recycle Bin.

  20. Are there University guidelines for file storage in OneDrive for Business?
    Yes, Guidelines for Data Storage and Collaboration