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10 Things You Can Do With SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool – there’s so much you can do with it. Once you start to use basic funcitons, you'll be on your way to becoming an export - click on the items below to learn more.

  1. Share information with your department, college, colleagues and students
  2. See what everyone is talking about in your Newsfeed
  3. OneDrive for Business, your personal online document library (1 terabyte of storage) , so you can access them from anywhere on any device
  4. Open a document in a document library and view / edit in a browser
  5. Work with others on the same document, at the same time and see each other's changes
  6. Share documents with people inside your organization, outside JMU using their email address
  7. Create a new page on your site as a Wiki or informational page
  8. Add a list or library to your committee or project site
  9. Keep previous versions of a document while you make changes to it
  10. Search for documents, people, conversations, sites or anything by typing a keyword

Ready to move beyond the basics?

Take a look at Microsoft's beginner and intermediate training courses for SharePoint 2013 to learn more about:

  • Creating and managing a blog to share information
  • Creating and setting up a list
  • Sharing documents
  • Using a list
  • Syncing libraries using OneDrive for Business
  • Updating profile and privacy settings